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LENKHOSHSHEK Yozhef (Lenhossek Jozsef, 1818 — 1888) — the Hungarian anatomist, the member of the Hungarian academy of Sciences (1864).

In 1841 defended the dissertation on a subject about an iris of the eye of an eye of the person. Since 1850 associate professor Peshtskogo un-that; the first began to teach anatomy in Hungarian. In 1854 — 1859 professor of anatomy in Koloshvari (Kluzh), then professor of descriptive and topographical anatomy in Peshtskom un-those. Scientific research of I. Lenkhontshek is devoted generally to morphology of a head and spinal cord, their features gistol, structures. Results of studying patol, anatomy of a spinal cord are described by it in 1859

I. Lenkhoshshek described nek-ry anatomic educations, long time being called his name (a back additional olive and a medial additional olive). Studying uric bodies, he established that in a kidney of the person of 20 — 40 pyramids.

Works: Dissertatio de iride humana, Buda pesten, 1841; Neue Untersuchungen iiber den feineren Bau des centralen Nervensys-teins des Menschen, Wien, 1855; Beitrage zur Erorterung der histologischen Verhaltnisse der centralen Nervensystems, Wien, 1858; Beitrage zur pathologischen Anatomie des Riickenmarks. m, 1859; Ein Polymik-roskop, B., 1877.

Bibliography: The bases to studying of microscopical anatomy of the person and animals, under the editorship of M. D. Lavdovsky and F. V. Ovsyannikov, t. 2, page 688, 850, 854, SPb., 1888.

L. S. Sutulov.