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LENINGRAD SANITARY AND HYGIENIC MEDICAL INSTITUTE - the largest in the Soviet Union specialized educational institution on training of health officers. Starts from created at the initiative of V. M. Bekhterev in 1907 in St. Petersburg Psychoneurological in-that is one of the most advanced higher educational institutions of Russia, in Krom such scientists and progressive public figures as B worked. M. Bekhterev, N. E. Vvedensky, P. F. Lesgaft, D. O. Ott, V. A. Oppel, G. V. Hlopin, H. M. Knipovich, I. I. Grekov, 3. G. Frenkel, C. S. Girgolav, V. P. Kashkadamov, etc. Students and teachers in-that took active part in revolutionary activity, in in-those there was an underground Bolshevist organization connected with the St. Petersburg committee of RSDRP, and also working party groups at factories and the plants of the Nevsky district. Many of students (D. N. Avrov, P. N. Berezin, L. M. Reysner, S. G. Roshal, etc.) took active part in preparation of Great October socialist revolution and protection of the young Soviet republic.

Leningrad sanitary and hygienic medical institute. Main building.

After Great October socialist revolution in 1920 in medical f-t Psychoneurological in-that it was transformed in State by in-t of medical knowledge (GIMZ). In 1930 GIMZ was renamed into the 2nd Leningrad by medical in-t (the 2nd LMI), at Krom, along with medical, one of the first in the country and a dignity was open. - a gigabyte. f-t.

In 1936 the 2nd LMI is merged with hospital medical higher education institution of I. I. Mechnikov (see. Mechnikova hospital ). In the period of the Great Patriotic War in the besieged Leningrad work in-that did not stop for one day. In June, 1941 left it on the front of 746 doctors and nurses, and in September, 1941 — 1041 students of older years.

In 1946. The council of ministers of the USSR issued the resolution on reorganization of the 2nd LMI in the Leningrad Sanitary and Hygienic Medical Institute (LSHMI). In 1966 in in-those it was open to lay down again. f-t with day and evening departments, in 1967 — f-t of professional development of teachers.

Annual enrollment of students on a dignity. - a gigabyte. the f-t makes 600, on medical — the 250th persons. In in-those there are 42 departments and the central research laboratory. The faculty of LSGMI consists of 633 employees, including 46 professors, 90 associate professors, 53 doctors of science, 396 candidates of medical sciences (for January 1, 1979).

From the moment of the LSGMI organization in it 3 academicians of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, 7 corresponding members of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, 4 honored workers of science, 2 winners of the Lenin award and 2 winners of the State award worked. In in-those eminent persons of science worked: D. A. Zhdanov, S. I. Shchelkunov, P. V. Makarov, V. D. Tsinzerling, S. V. Anichkov, A. V. Smirnov, I. Ya. Razdolsky, P.E. Tikhomirov, K. L. Hilov, M. A. Petrov-Maslakov, E. Ts. Andreyeva-Galanina, R. A. Babayants, B. A. Bashenin, etc. In 10 years, from 1967 to 1977, in LSGMI 52 doctors and 387 candidates of science are prepared.

The main educational and scientific base —-tsa of I. I. Mechnikov, numbering St. 2400 beds. Besides, for the educational purposes a row is used to lay down. and dignity. - epid, Lengorzdravotdel's institutions (maternity hospital of Snegirev,-tsa of S. Botkin, SES).

Research of collective in-that is directed to the complex solution of the major a gigabyte. the problems having economic value: protection of the surrounding and production environment, rationing of production emissions, prevention of professional pathology. Special attention is paid to studying of patterns of development epid, process and to questions of decrease in incidence.

Ying t gives significant scientific and practical assistance to bodies of health care of Leningrad, and also the Leningrad, Vologda, Pskov and Novgorod regions. Thematic collections in-that are systematically published. In 5 years, from 1973 to 1978, scientists in-that published 64 monographs, 27 textbooks.

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E. V. Rozhdestvensky.