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LENINGRAD 1st MEDICAL INSTITUTE of the academician I. P. Pavlov of the Ministry of Health of the USSR. It is founded in 1897 as St. Petersburg women's medical by in-t. After Great October socialist revolution it was renamed in Petrograd (then Leningrad) by 1 medical in-t.

1st Leningrad medical institute of a name of the academician I. P. Pavlov. Main building.

From first years of existence of in-t combined the advanced scientists; students and teachers in-that took active part in revolutionary activity, in in-those there was an underground Bolshevist organization. In the assembly hall in-that in April, 1917 at the VII All-Russian conference of Bolsheviks the report was made by V. I. Lenin.

The big contribution to development of domestic medical science and preparation of medical shots were brought by the scientists working in in-that: V. M. Bekhterev, D. K. Zabolotny, A. A. Zavarzin, V. G. Garshin, Yu. Yu. Dzhanelidze, P. G, Kornev, N. I. Krasnogorsky, P. S. Kupalov, P. A. Kupriyanov, G.F. Lang, H. N. Petrov, N. I. Ozeretsky, O. N. Podvysotskaya, to I. D. Strash and, K. K. Skrobansky, V. N. Tonkov, M. D. Tushinsky, M. V. Chernorutsky, V. V. Chirkovsky.

In addition to medical, in in-those were open pharmaceutical (1925) and pediatric (1930), and in 1938 — naval f-you; later, respectively in 1936, 1938, 1939, they were transformed to independent higher education institutions. In 1959 it is open dental for f-t. In 1936 in-that the name of I. P. Pavlov is appropriated. In 1971 to in-t it is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner.

To in-those two preparing rooms, one of them for foreigners. Studies for them apprx. 4,5 thousand students, including apprx. 500 foreigners from 54 countries. By 1977 in 80 years of existence of in-t trained more than 31 thousand doctors, including 704 for the foreign states. In in-t annually accept on the 1st course 750 Soviet and apprx. 100 foreign students.

Among the scientists heading 50 departments in-that, the academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences the winner of the Lenin award F. G. Uglov, corresponding members of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences N. Yu. Belenkov, A. V. Valdman, E. P. Shuvalova; zasl. scientists of RSFSR M. G. Prives, M. A. Sreseli, winner of the State award L. V. Lebedev, etc.

In in-those there is a main library having more than 700 thousand books, film laboratory, the central research laboratory, in a cut there are morphological department with a submicroscopy, departments of experimental physiology and pharmacology, experimental surgery, experimental psychopharmacology, mechanisms of integration of brain activity and 7 problem laboratories. From 1945 for 1978 166 doctor's, 1198 master's theses are defended, 946 graduate students and are prepared 2457 for l and the item of interns.

Ying t has a swap of clinic on 1860 beds on 17 specialties where about 25 thousand patients a year, and policlinic on 600 thousand visits are treated. Besides, for the educational purposes more than 3 thousand beds in city would be used (of K. Marx, of S. Botkin, of N. F. Filatova, of October 25, the 6th psychiatric N other) and 12 district clinics. Ying t provides advice to medical institutions of Leningrad, Leningrad, Novgorod, Murmansk and some other areas.

Main directions of complex scientific research in-that: pathology of cardiovascular system and its treatment by surgical and therapeutic methods; physiology, pathology of a respiratory organs; problems of nephrology; the main stomatol. diseases, their prevention and treatment, the general patterns of a morphogenesis are normal also of pathology.

In 30 years, from 1948 to 1978, scientists in-that published 134 monographs, 60 collections, 31 textbooks, including the three-volume guide to internal diseases under the editorship of G. F. Lang, the textbook «Diagnosis of Internal Diseases» under the editorship of M. V. Chernorutsky, the textbook on anatomy under the editorial office M. An additional weight, to-ry the textbook of infectious diseases under the editorship of E. P. Shuvalova is translated into Spanish for the countries of Latin America, to the monograph F. G. Uglova «A resection of lungs» and the «Cancer of a lung» awarded in 1961. A Lenin award, A. V. Valdman the «Neuropharmacology of narcotic analgetics» conferred a personalized award of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences in 1975, etc.

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