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LEIOMYOSARCOMA (leiomyosarcoma; grech, leios smooth + mys, myos a muscle + sarcoma) — the malignant tumor developing from smooth muscular tissue. Sources of development and localization the same, as leiomyomas (see). Develops at any age at persons of both sexes.

Mikropreparata of a leiomyosarcoma of a uterus: 1 — polymorphism of kernels of tumor cells is expressed (are specified by shooters); h110; 2 — bunches of polymorphic tumor cells (are specified by shooters); h40

Macroscopically the tumor has an appearance of a node to dia, to 20 cm and more, a soft or dense consistence. A cut surface of a tumor of gray-red color, often motley because of existence of the centers of hemorrhages and necroses. At microscopic examination of L. consists of the large extended cells with roundish hyperchromic kernels and a large number patol, mitoses. Sharp polymorphism of cells and kernels is noted (fig., 1), huge multinucleate cells meet. Tumor cells develop in bunches (fig., 2), is frequent with a rhythmic arrangement of kernels. The stroma is presented by uneven friable network of the argyrophil fibers which are condensed around vessels, sinusoidny or capillary type, is frequent with the hyalinized walls. On certain sites the tumor can remind a leiomyoma, differing from it in sharp atypia of cells and infiltriruyushchy growth. Innidiation of L. hematogenous, metastasises, as a rule, arise early.

Wedge, manifestations of L. are defined by localization of a tumor.

Treatment of L. operational. In the presence of metastasises are applied antineoplastic means (see).

Forecast adverse. After removal the tumor can recur.

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