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LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY Hans (Sachs Hans, 1877 — 1945) — the German immunologist and serolog, the doctor of medicine (1900), professor. Studied in Freyburge, Breslau (nowadays Wroclaw) and Berlin.


Since 1905 worked in Ying-those experimental therapy in Frankfurt am Main for P. Ehrlich. Since 1914 professional. Frankfurt un-that. Since 1920 the director Ying-that on studying of cancer (Heidelberg) where directed also departments of immunology and a serology.

G. Zaks is the author of two flocculation tests for serodiagnosis of syphilis: in 1918 together with W. Georgi offered slow reaction (Lentocholreaktion), and in 1928 together with E. Witebsky — the accelerated reaction (Citocholreaktion), edges it is widely applied in practice of a serology (see. Legislative Assembly — Vitebsk reaction ). He studied questions of a ratio of antigen and antibodies, toxin and antitoxin, the mechanism of formation of hemolysins, etc. Together with Klopshtok and Veyl (A. Klopstock, A. Weil, 1925) proved that immunization by lipoid spirit extracts from bodies of animals in combination with a foreign protein conducts to antibody formation against a lipoid. From G. Zaks's bodies for the first time applied cholesterol as the activator to sensitization of spirit lipoid antigens. He was one of founders and editors of the Zeitschrift fur Immunitatsforschung und experimentelle Therapie (1908) magazine. As a result of racist prosecutions of G. Zaks was forced to stop cooperation in this magazine, and in 1935 to leave the positions held by it in Heidelberg and to leave Hitlerite Germany.

The Irish medical council and board Dublin in-that invited him in Ying t of pathology in Dublin where it researched antigenic features and specificity of fabrics, and also features of the antigens associated with blood groups.

Works: Uber die Beziehungen zwischen Toxin und Antitoxin und die Wege ihrer Erforschung, Lpz., 1905 (sovm, with Ehrlich P.); Die Entstehung der syphilitischen Blutveranderung, Dtsch, med. Wschr., - S. 589, 1925 (sovm, with other); Serologische Kolloidstruktur, Komplementwirkung und Kaltehamolyse, Z. Immun. - Forsch., Bd 91, S. 328, 1937; Wassermann reaction, Irish J. med. Sci., p. 57, 1941; Influence of lipoid concentration and mode of dilution on sensitiveness of syphilitic and heterogenetic flocculation tests, ibid., p. 55, 1945 (sovm, with Nelson J. H.).

Bibliography: Browning of Page H. Prof. H. Sachs, Nature (Lond.), v. 155, p. 160, 1945; Sachs Hans, Lancet, v. 1, p. 547, 1945.

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