LEFFLER Friedrich

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LEFFLER Friedrich (Loffler Friedrich, 1852 — 1915) — the German bacteriologist, professor (1888).

LEFFLER Friedrich

In 1874 graduated from the Highest military-medical school; since 1879 worked in a gigabyte. to laboratory at Berlin in-those health care where dealt with issues of hygiene, and with arrival to this of R. Koch's in-t became his closest pupil and the employee. Since 1888 the prof. of department of hygiene in Greyfsvaldskom un-those. In 1913 Ying t of infectious diseases in Berlin headed.

F. Leffler — one of founders of medical microbiology. In 1882 the activator of a sap and the activator of an ugly face at pigs were opened for them. In 1884 F. Leffler allocated in pure growth of the causative agent of diphtheria opened in 1883 by E. Klebs. In 1898 he established the virus nature of a foot-and-mouth disease and successfully carried out vaccination against this disease. Its researches promoted development of the doctrine about viral diseases. In 1891 F. Leffler opened bacteria of mouse typhus and used them for fight against field mice. F. Leffler developed and bacterial, methods of a research, in particular methods of coloring of bacteria and their flagellums, elective mediums for allocation of bacteria of diphtheria, a typhoid implemented in practice a row (see. Lefflera methods ).

F. Leffler founded the Zentralblatt fur Bakteriologie Magazine.

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