LEADS Igor Petrovich

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LEADS Igor Petrovich (sort. in 1910) — the Soviet scientific specialist in the field of the organization of health care, medical education and encyclopedic creativity, professor (1962), zasl. doctor of RSFSR (1970), member of the CPSU.

LEADS Igor Petrovich

Upon termination of the 2nd Moscow medical in-that (1933) served in armed forces of the USSR where there passed the way from the junior doctor of a regiment to the head of department of hospitals of the 2nd Ukrainian front. The participant of war from a belofinnama and the Great Patriotic War. Since 1946 — at scientific and pedagogical work, managed department of the organization and tactics of health service Central in-that improvements of doctors, and then the 2nd Moscow medical in-that, worked as the dean (1959 — 1961) and the vice rector (1961 — 1966) of it in-that.

Since 1966 — the deputy chairman of Academic medical council of M3 of RSFSR, since 1967 — the deputy editor-in-chief, the manager. Main editorial office BME USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.

Creative scientific approach to the solution of organizational problems, a combination of depth of the analysis of the studied problems with an accurate statement of practical recommendations, conditions and perspectives of implementation in practice of results of the conducted researches are characteristic of I. P. Lidov's activity. I. P. Leads — the author of the St. 100 scientific works devoted to problems of military medicine, the higher medical education, the organization of health care, history and the theory of encyclopedic business, streamlining and unification of medical terminology. The main military-medical researches of I. P. Lidov are devoted to questions of activity of hospital bases, medical sorting, structure a dignity. losses, and also early prevention of wound fevers. I. P. Ice the original course of lectures on the organization of work of evacuation centers is for the first time created and given, he is the author of most of heads of the textbook of the organization and tactics of medical providing troops, to-ry for many years was the main manual for students of medical higher education institutions of the country.

P. P. Lidov (sovm, with M. F. Merkulov) developed theoretical premises and the organizational principles of the country's first medical - biol, f-that; he was one of the most active creators of it f-that.

In the generalizing works п© history and the theory of the Soviet health care I. P. Lidov is given the comprehensive analysis of activity of the CPSU and owls. the states in the field of health protection of the people, are shown basic changes of forms of the organization and level of rendering to lay down. - professional, the help in the end 60 — the 70th. P. P. Lidov's monograph et al. devoted to the organization primary medical - a dignity. the help to the population of the USSR, was one of the documents expressing a position of the USSR on this matter at the international conference on problems primary medical - a dignity. help in Alma-Ata (1978). As one of creators of the work «60 years of the Soviet health care» of I. P. Leads it is conferred an award of N. A. Semashko of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1978).

I. P. Lidov made an essential contribution to development of the theory and a technique of encyclopedic creativity in the field of medicine. Its researches played an important role directed by medical encyclopedic matter in our country on a scientific basis. In particular, under its management methods of improvement of preparation of encyclopedic editions, new forms of supply of encyclopedic material, implementation are developed to-rykh provided upgrading of owls. medical encyclopedias, their ideological and scientific level, and also theoretical and scientific and methodical bases of the first in world practice encyclopedia for paramedical staff (see. Short medical encyclopedia ), 3rd edition; Big medical encyclopedia , (see), new type of the Popular medical encyclopedia, Encyclopaedic dictionary of medical terms (see). P. P. Lidov is a coauthor of large fundamental articles

of the 3rd prod. BME: «Health care», «Communist Party of the Soviet Union», «Medicine», etc. It is a member of Presidium of Academic medical council of M3 of the USSR (since 1966), the deputy chairman of the Terminological commission of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (since 1968), the associate editor of «The medical newspaper». Has 22 government awards, including 7 awards.

Works: Preventive effect of biomycin at wound fevers, Antibiotics, t. 1, No. 5, page 50, 1956 (sovm, with other); Bases of the organization of medical support of troops, under the editorship of N. I. Zavalishin, M., 1961 (a bus of a number of hl.); Hospital for recovering, Voyen. - medical zhurn., No. 4, page 79. 1962; Ways of development of the higher medical education, Owls. zdravookhr., No. 8, (f. 9, 1966 (sovm, with Merkulovy M. F.); Once again about evening education in medical schools, Zdravookhr. Grew. Federations, No. 2, page 33, 1968 (sovm, with Rykunov E. I.); About problems of the higher medical education, in the same place, No. 4, page 30 (sovm, with Lopukhin Yu. L); A state, problems and problems of streamlining of domestic medical terminology, Vestn. The USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, No. 3, page 54, 1976 (sovm, with Stochik A. M.); Formation and development of the Soviet health care, in book: 60 years Soviet zdravookhr., glavn. ped. B. V. Petrovsky, page 37, M., 1977 (sovm, with other); Urgent problems of medical encyclopedic creativity (to the 50 anniversary of the Soviet medical encyclopedias), Vestn. The USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, J\q 12, page 3, 1978 (sovm, with other); Soviet public health and the organization of primary health care, for the population of the USSR, Moscow, 1978 (sovm, with DR-).

Bibliography: I. P. Leads (To the 60 anniversary since birth), Zdravookhr. Grew. Federations, JVa 6, S. 47, 1970.

B. V. Petrovsky.