LA PEYRONI of François

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LA PEYRONI of François (La Peyronie Frangois Gigot, 1678 — 1747) — the French surgeon, the member of the French academy of Sciences (1731). Studied surgery in Montpellier, then St. 15 years worked as the surgeon in Montpellier hospital. In 1714 moved to Paris where the hl consistently worked. the surgeon in the largest hospitals of France: Hotel Dieu, Hopital Saint-Eloy, Charite. At the same time taught anatomy at medical school at medical f-those un-that. Since 1736 — Louis XV's physician-in-ordinary.

F. La Peyroni promoted foundation in 1731 in Paris of Surgical academy (Academie de Chirurgie), achieved official recognition of surgery as sciences, edges on an equal basis with internal medicine became independent specialty. His efforts of Surgical academy since 1743 granted the rights equal with a medical f-tami as in training and certification of surgeons, and award dokt, to degree.

F. La Peyroni was the master of treatment of changes, repositions of dislocations, bandagings of arteries of extremities on an extent, etc., made such operations, large for the time, as bowel resection at gangrene. He created a method of catheterization of a bladder, a perineal urethrotomy, a side lithotomy, a puncture of a bladder a special trocar, etc. By it it was studied and in 1743 it is in detail described fibroplastic induration of a penis, received the name «Peyroni's disease» (see. Induratio penis plastica ), the Memoires de l'Academie royale de Chirurgie magazine is founded. B of 1864 in the homeland of (Montpellier) to it will erect a monument.

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