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LAZARENKO METHOD ( F. M. Lazarenko , the Soviet histologist, 1888 — 1953) — the method of implantation of the crushed fabrics of an animal organism applied in an experiment to studying of features of life activity of fabrics. F. M. Lazarenko in 1934 is published. Fabrics of this or that body of an animal in aseptic conditions crush on pieces up to 2/3 mm in size 3 , mix with small pieces of neutral photoxylin in the ratio 1:2 and implant into hypodermic cellulose to an animal recipient. In the field of an implant the center of an aseptic inflammation is formed, around to-rogo the connective tissue capsule is formed. The blood vessels and nerves of the recipient providing a trophicity of the implanted fabrics grow into an implant. The cultivated fabrics pass a number of consistently replaced states: depression, proliferation, organogenesis, differentiation and involution of neogenic structures in implant. L. the m can be used for studying of reactive and plastic properties of fabrics (preferential epithelial), influences of regulatory systems of an organism on fabric processes and their differentiation, for experimental modeling of processes of an organogenesis.

Bibliography: Lazarenko F. M. Patterns of growth and transformation of fabrics and bodies in culture conditions of their (implantation) in an organism, M., 1959, bibliogr.

P. V. Dunayev.