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LARUSANUM (Larusanum, joint venture. B) — antituberculous remedy (isonicotinoylhydrazone of furfuralacetone). Inodorous light yellow crystal powder and taste. Pier. weight 273,3, t ° pl 189-191 °. It is a little alcohol-soluble also other organic solvents; almost we will not dissolve in water; it is not hygroscopic.

LARUSANUM is well soaked up from digestive tract: in 2 — 3 hours after reception of 0,3 — 0,9 g in blood of TB patients the maximum bacteriostatic concentration of drug is created.

Medicinal resistance of tubercular bacteria to L. develops sometimes from first month of treatment and within the next 2 — 3 months increases. L. renders some chemotherapeutic effect at treatment of suffering from tuberculosis lungs which is expressed in removal of symptoms of intoxication, reduction of the catarral phenomena.

LARUSANUM is appointed inside in the form of powder, the adult on 0,3 g of 3 — 5 times a day, to children at the age of 5 — 8 years — on 0,05 g, and children of advanced age — on 0,1 g also 3 times a day. A course of treatment of 2 — 5 months and more, depending on a form and the course of a disease. Care in a dosage of L is necessary. and careful overseeing by the patient at the following associated diseases: stenocardia, the expressed heart failure, diseases of a liver and kidneys.

In certain cases treatments of tuberculosis of L. at patients side effect is observed: pains in heart, an itch of skin, conjunctivitis, rhinitis, joint pains, jaundice. At these complications it is necessary to reduce a dose of drug or it is temporary — for 2 — 3 days — to cancel it. There is less often a need to stop treatment. It is applied restrictedly in view of lack of advantages before other antitubercular drugs from group of hydrazides isonicotinic to - you.

Forms of release: powder and tablets on 0,1; 0,3 and 0,5 g.

Keep L. in banks from orange glass in the place protected from light since under the influence of a direct sunlight it darkens.

See also Antituberculous remedies .

O. O. Makeeva.