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LARINGOGRAFIYA (Greek larynx, laryng[os] a throat + grapho to write, represent) — X-ray inspection of a throat by means of contrast agents.

Fig. 1. Laringogramma of the healthy person at phonation of a sound «and» (a direct projection); all departments of a throat are free: 1 — the left false voice fold, 2 — a left ventricle of a throat, 3 — the left true voice fold, 4 — the left pear-shaped pocket.
Fig. 2. Laringogramma of the patient with cancer of a throat (direct projection): defeat by a tumor of the left half of a throat, its distribution on vestibular and voice folds and the left pear-shaped pocket, a left ventricle of a throat it was not filled with a contrast agent, (the arrow specified defect of filling).

For the first time artificial contrasting of a throat was made by Iglauer (S. Iglauer, 1914). Further the technique was improved by Kelemen (G. Kelemen, 1928), I. Fabrikant et al. (1962), W. Powers et al. (1964), F. M. Granovskoy et al. (1968), etc. L. it is applied to diagnosis tumoral, tubercular and others patol, processes in a throat if given to a usual X-ray analysis and a tomography are insufficient for assessment of a condition of body (in particular a precomissure, ventricles of a throat, voice folds, a cavum infraglotticum), and in particular for definition of changes of a mucous membrane and extent of defeat. L. it is especially valuable at impossibility of carrying out an endoscopic research (see. Laringoskopiya ).

L. it is contraindicated to patients with a pulmonary heart, with disturbances of cerebral and coronary circulation, with a sharp stenosis of a throat, hypersensitivity to iodide drugs.

For decrease in a sialosis to the patient in 30 min. prior to a research enter 1 ml of 0,1% of solution of atropine subcutaneously or 0,5 ml of 0,1% of solution intravenously slowly, within 10 min. When there is a dryness in a mouth, produce anesthesia of a pharynx, a guttural part of a throat and throat of 3% solution of Dicainum, solution of Pyromecainum. By means of the guttural syringe or a catheter, the end to-rogo will dugoobrazno be bent at an angle 45 ° and it is established at the basis of an epiglottis, slowly enter 5 — 10 ml of a contrast agent. Use a sulfoidol (mix of 10 ml of Iodolipolum with 1 g of Norsulfazolum or Sulfadimezinum), 60% an oil suspension of a propilyodon (dionosil). Also the method of inflation in a throat of 2 — 3 g of powder of a tannin which provides uniform contrasting of an inner surface of body is developed. This method does not give complications and it can be applied without anesthesia of a mucous membrane of a throat.

Roentgenograms carry out in direct and side projections at different funkts, conditions of a throat — at Valsalva's test (attempt of a strong exhalation with closed by a mouth and a nose), phonations of a sound «And», and if necessary supplement them with tomograms (see. Tomography ). Normal a contrast agent depicts all parts of a throat, a pole of an epiglottis and pear-shaped pockets (fig. 1). At patients prevalence patol, process, its borders, deformation (fig. 2) and restriction of mobility of the struck departments of a throat comes to light. Use of X-ray television with a video (see. Television in medicine ) and X-ray cinematographies (see) allow to document different phases of filling and emptying of a throat at breath and phonation.

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L. D. Lindenbraten.