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LANOLIN (Lanolinum, GFH) — the purified zhiropodobny substance received from rinsing waters of sheep wool; mix of esters of high-molecular alcohols and acids and free high-molecular alcohols (mix of aliphatic, sterinovy and triterpenovy alcohol). Distinguish L. anhydrous (L. anhydricum) and L. water (L. hydricum). L. anhydrous — dense slush of brown-yellow color, a slight peculiar smell. It is almost water-insoluble, we will very difficult dissolve in 95% alcohol, we will easily dissolve in chloroform, acetone and gasoline. During the grinding with water absorbs up to 150% of water without loss of a mazeobrazny consistence. Temperature of melting of L. 36 — 42 °.

L. water (contains 30% of water) — dense slush of yellow-white color. During the heating on the water bath melts, being divided into two layers: upper — zhiropodobny and lower — water.

In comparison with fats L. has bigger firmness at storage. Salts of metals accelerate oxidation to L. Ety also some microorganisms promote. L. use as a gidrofiliziruyushchy component of ointment bases. It well softens skin and easily gets into it, promoting a resorption of medicinal substances from an ointment basis. At prescription of L. in recipes without indication of its version release L. water.

From L. new derivatives — alcohols of wool wax and liquid L are received., possessing high the dispersing, emulsifying and solubilizing ability.

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