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LANGLEY John (Langley John Newport, 1852 — 1925) — the English physiologist and the histologist, professor (1903), the member London royal about-va (1883) and his vice-president (1904 — 1905).


In 1871 arrived in Cambridge un-t, after the termination to-rogo all life worked at department of physiology of it un-that. In 1903 it was elected professor of this department. The main scientific works of D. Langley are devoted to anatomy and physiology of the autonomic nervous system (see), to-ruyu considered as system efferent.

It divided century of N of page on sympathetic (1898) and parasympathetic (1905) departments, having allocated also in its independent department meyssnerovo and auerbakhovo textures in the form of an intramural nervous system — enteric system (1900); established strukturnofunktsionalny differences of century of N of page from a somatic nervous system. Having applied along with physiological pharmakol, methods of a research, D. Langley found in vegetative gangliya the synapses formed by compound of preganglionic fibers with ganglionic neurons which shoots go to internals and vessels. On the basis of studying of action for century of N of page of poisons suggested about existence at ganglionic neurons, and also at muscle and secretory cells of internals of the receptive educations providing interaction of nerve fibrils with postganglionic neurons and effector bodies.

D. Lengli considered vegetative a ganglion only as intermediate stations of centrifugal influences and denied existence of own afferent fibers of century of N of page, and also a possibility of short circuit in vegetative gangliya of peripheral reflexes. Peripheral funkts, he estimated bonds of the decentralized internals as false reflexes or axon reflexes (see). These its representations in 60 — the 70th 20 century are subjected to review in connection with detection of truly reflex, receptor (hemosensorny) and integrative and coordination function vegetative gangliyev.

Works: Salivary glands, in book: Text-book of physiol., ed. by E. A. Schafer, v. 1, Edinburgh — L., 1898; Das sympatische und verwandte nervose System der Wirbeltiere, Ergebn. Physiol., Abt. 2, S. 818, 1903; The autonomic nervous system, Cambridge, 1921 (the Russian lane, M. — L., 1925).

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I. A. Bulygin.