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LANGERGANS Paul (Langerhans Paul, 1847 — 1888) — the German pathologist. professor (1875).


In 1865 — 1870 studied in high fur boots of Yen and Berlin. Upon termination of un-that participated in a geographical expedition across Egypt, Syria and Palestine where conducted anthropological and ethnographic researches, and also studied leprosy. Having returned to Germany, was a medical officer, then worked in Leipzig, and in 1871 — 1875 — in Freyburge. Due to the disease left Germany, Tenerif, Madeira worked in Naples and at the islands of Capri.

Still being a student, P. Langergans performed under the leadership of R. Virkhov work about a microscopic structure of a pancreas (1869), in a cut for the first time described the special sites which afterwards received the name of islets of Langerhans (see. Pancreas ). Funkts, value of islands was not known to it: only in 1901 the Russian scientist L. V. Sobolev described changes of cells of islets of Langerhans at a diabetes mellitus and stood on incretory hind legs of their activity, and in 1921 F. Banting on the basis of these researches received in pure form hormone of islands insulin (see).

P. Langergans studied also a structure and an innervation of an epithelium of a cornea, epidermis, a structure vegetative gangliyev, etc. Except islands in a pancreas, special pigment cells in a rostkovy layer of epidermis and a granular layer of a multilayer flat epithelium of skin (stratum granulosum Langerhans — Unna) are called his name.

Works: Beitrage zur mikroskopischen Anatomie der Bauchspeicheldrtise, Diss., B., 1869; Ein Beitrag zur Anatomie der sympa-thischen Ganglienzellen, Freiburg i. Br., 1871; Uber mehrschichtige Epithelien, Virchows Arch. path. Anat., Bd 58, S. 83, 1873; tiber Tastkorperchen und Rete Malpighi, Arch. mikr. Anat., Bd 9, S. 730, 1873.

Bibliography: Bardeleben K. Paul Langerhans, Anat. Anz., S. 850, 1888; Bio-graphisches Lexikon der Hervorragenden Arzte, hrsg. v. I. Fischer, Bd 2, S. 862, B., 1933.

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