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LANGENBEK Berngard (Langenbeck Bernhard Budolf Konrad, 1810 — 1887) — the German surgeon, professor (1841).


In 1834 ended medical f-t Goettingen un-that. In 1835 protected dokt, the thesis on a subject: «De Retinae structura penitiore». In 1836 — 1838 took place usovershenstvovavny in laboratories and clinics of England, Belgium and France. Upon return to Goettingen was entitled the privatdozent of department patol, anatomy and physiology which professor it was elected in 1841, and at the same time was the assistant to department of surgery. In 1841 the prof. of surgery in Kiel un-those is elected; in 1848 — 1882 the director of surgical clinic Berlin un-that.

B. Langenbek published 47 scientific works devoted to questions of clinical and operational surgery, field surgery and a number of theoretical problems. He developed new methods of surgical treatment of the complicated changes and the acquired defects of bones and joints, plastic surgeries on a face, in an oral cavity (an uraniscoplasty, rhinoplasty), operation on blood vessels, nerves, ginekol, operations from which 20 operations bear his name. It for the first time in the world (1875) made an extirpation of a throat with a part of language, a throat and gullet. A number of quick accesses (a section also is connected with a name of B. Langenbek at a laparotomy, access to a hip joint, etc.).

B. Langenbek is the creator of one of the largest surgical schools in Europe, a cut T. Billroth, F. Esmarkh, A. Cherni, etc., the founder of the Archiv fur klinische Chirurgie (1860) magazine called by his name and Ob-va of the German surgeons (1872) were representatives.

Works: Neues Verfahren zur Chiloplastik durch Ablosung und Verziehung des Lippensaums, Dtsch. Klin., Bd 7, S. 1 u. a., 1855; Die Uranoplastik mittelst Ablosung des mucos-periostalen Gaumeniiberzuges, Arch. klin. Chir., Bd 2, S. 205, 1862; T)ber eine neue Methode der totalen Rhinoplastik, Berl. klin. Wschr., S. 13, 1864; t)ber die Endre-sultate der Gelenkresektionen im Kriege, Arch. klin. Chir., Bd 16, S. 340, 1874; Uber Exstirpation des Pharynx, ibid., Bd 24, S. 825, 1879.

Bibliography: Prozhiga V. I. Bernard Langenbek, Vestn, hir., t. 85, No. 11, page 154, 1960; In ergmann E. Zur Erinnerung an Bernhard von Langenbeck, B., 1888; Guttmann S. Bernhard v. Langenbeck, Dtsch, med. Wschr., S. 865, 1887; R ehn L. Die Gedachtnisrede zum Andenken an den 100. Geburtstag B. von Langenbeck’s, Arch. klin. Chir., Bd 95, S. 743, 1911.

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