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LAMBOTT Albin (Lambotte Albin, 1866 — 1955) — the Belgian surgeon.


In 1891 graduated from medical school Bruxelles un-that; was an intern, then directed clinic in one of hospitals of Antwerp. In 1891 during epidemic of cholera one of the first beginnings to practice enterostomy in combination with an enteroclysis. A. Lambott one of the first executed a successful total resection of a stomach. Was an active supporter of an early craniotrypesis and removal of a hematoma during the processing of injuries of the head. In 1900 began to make a laminectomy at damages and some diseases of a backbone. In 1912 offered early and radical removal of destructive focus at bone and joint tuberculosis instead of an extensive arthrectomy. Since 1902 A. Lambott concentrated attention on operational treatment of changes. A bit later it made an outside osteosynthesis of fragments of a femur by means of long screws and two metal plates.

The experiment on operational treatment of changes And. Lambott stated in two monographs published in 1907 and 1913. Development of philosophy of treatment of changes — exact reposition and strong fixing of fragments is connected with his name. For the same purposes it developed and manufactured special tools and devices, some of them almost without changes are used still (a plate and Lambott's kostoderzhatel).

A. Lambott was one of founders Belgian about-va orthopedists and International about-va surgeons; consisted the member of the surgical countries of the world about-in many. A. Lambott is known also as the gifted artist, the sculptor, the musician. The musical instruments made by it enjoyed wide popularity in conservatories of Paris, Brussels and Antwerp.

Works: L’intervention operatoire dans les fractures, P., 1907; La Chirurgie operatoire des fractures, P., 1913,

Bibliography: Albin Lambotte (1866 — 1955), J. Bone Jt Surg., v. 38-B, p. 576, 1956; S o e u r R. Albin Lambotte (1866 — 1955), Acta orthop, belg., t. 21, p. 385, 1955; Verbrugge J. Albin Lambotte, ibid., p. 387.

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