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LAMBER Antawn (Lembert Antoine, 1802 — 1851) — the French surgeon.

After the termination Parisian un-that worked as the epidemiologist in department of Seine, then the intern in a number of BC of Paris.

In 1826 A. Lamber offered a new way of an intestinal seam (see. Intestinal seam ), property of the sewed surfaces of a serous cover of a gut to pasting bystry (within a day) and education in the next days of strong commissure is the basis to-rogo. Value of the seam offered by A. Lamber intestinal serous muskulyarnogo for surgery went. - kish. a path it is difficult to revaluate. I. Diffenbakh who for the first time successfully executed in a wedge, conditions an enterectomy using Lamber's seam called this way outstanding opening in surgery.

A. Lamber's works in which it described original methods of administration of medicines by their rubbing in in skin are known. A number of its articles is devoted to theoretical aspects of medicine: «About mistakes in diagnosis» (1832), «About the principles of kinetics in organic bodies» (1830), «In what cases the doctrine about deviations and revulsiya» is applicable (1835).

Works: Ekhroeyo sommaire d’une medecine nouvelle par la voie de la peau privee de son epiderme, Arch. gen. Med., ser. 1, t. 5, p. 158, 1824 (sovm, with Lesieur A. - J.); Nouveau procede d’enterorraphie, Repcrt. anat., physiol., pathol., t. 50, p. 100, 1826; Essai sur la methode endermique, P., 1828; Propositions sur le syst^me nerveux, P., 1828; Du delire, sous le rapport du diagnostic, P., 1832; Dans quel cas la doctrine de la derivation et de la revulsion est-elle applicable en therapeutique? P., 1835.

V. V. Sergevnin.