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LAKASSAN Antawn (Lacassagne Antoine Marcelin Bernard, 1884 — 1971) — the French radiologist, the member of National academy of medicine (1948), Academy of natural and mathematical sciences (1949), Academies of surgery (1950), the foreign member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1962).


In 1902 ended medical f-t Lyons un-that. Since 1913 the doctor of medicine. In 1919 headed laboratory in Ying-those Pasteur in Paris; since 1923 the deputy director of Pasterovsky laboratory Ying-that radium, and since 1933 the manager. laboratory of radiobiology at the Higher practical school in Paris. In 1937 — 1955 the director of laboratory Ying-that radium Parisian un-that and along with 1941 the prof. of experimental radiology in the College de Frans.

Scientific works A. Lakassanya are devoted to hl. obr. to a problem of developing of malignant tumors at impact on an organism various physical. - chemical factors (oestrogenic hormones, carcinogenic chemical substances, ionizing radiation, etc.). It together with F. Zholio-Curie managed to cause cancer of a liver at a rabbit after radiation by its neutrons, and also tumors of mammary glands at mice at administration of folliculin by it. A. Lakassan with employees investigated oncogenous activity of hydrocarbons, and also hormones of ovaries and a hypophysis, studied origins of tumors and ways of decrease in carcinogenic activity of these substances. Along with this A. Lakassan studied cancerogenic action of x-ray ultraviolet emission, and - r-and y-from lucheniye. In 1925. A. Lakassan and P. Emile-Weil analyzed developing of pernicious anemia and myeloid leukemia at the people working with radioactive materials. In 1941 it published the monograph devoted to questions of the mechanism of action of ionizing radiation on fabric.

Works: Certain biological problems relating to cancer, hormones and radiation, New Haven — Philadelphia, 1936; Les cancers produits par les rayonnements corpusculai-res, P., 1945; Les cancers produits par les rayonnements of £lectromagnetiques, P., 1945; Etude de la cancerisation par les substances chimiques exogenes, P., 1947; Les cancers produits par des substances chimiques endo-g^nes, P., 1950; Action des radiations ioni-santes sur l’organisme, P., 1956 (sovm. with Gricouroff G.).

Bibliography: The Sabbath L. M. Antawn Lakassan (on December 29, 1884 — on December 16, 1971), Vopr, onkol., t. 18, No. 9, page 121, 1972; R e g a t about J. A. Antoine Lacassagne, 1884 — 1971, Amer. J. Roentgenol., v. 115, p. 845, 1 972.

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