LAHTIN Mikhail Yuryevich

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LAHTIN Mikhail Yuryevich (1869 — 1930) — the Soviet historian of medicine, the psychiatrist, the doctor of medicine (1901), professor (1920).

LAHTIN Mikhail Yuryevich

F-you ended natural (1894) and medical (1897) Moscow un-that; worked as the doctor at construction of the Northern railroad. In 1898 — 1900 was on improvement on therapy and psychiatry in V. D. Shervinsky and S. S. Korsakov's clinics.

In 1901 protected dokt, the thesis on a subject about big operations in the history of surgery. Along with activity of the practical doctor worked as the privatdozent at department of history and the encyclopedia of medicine at L. 3. Morokhovtsa. In the years of World War I managed a number of hospitals for the insane.

After Great October socialist revolution the department chair of history of medicine in the 1st Moscow un-those worked in the Moscow public health department, and since 1918; in 1920 — 1924 the department chair of history of medicine in the 3rd MMI.

M. Yu. Lakhtin published the St. 45 scientific works devoted generally to questions of history of the Russian and world medicine, in particular history of pharmacy, psychiatry, surgery to teaching history of medicine, etc.

M. Yu. Lakhtin published the Short biographic dictionary of the famous doctors of all times (1902) including 563 biographies of the most famous doctors of all countries. The original work «Medicine and Doctors in the Moscow State» (1906) is written by the author on the basis of the primary sources found by it. M. Yu. Lakhtin vividly and brightly painted a picture of a condition of medicine in Russia 17 century, described ways of doctoring, position of domestic and overseas doctors, the attitude of the population towards doctors. Evolution of teaching a subject is stated to them in work «History of medicine at the Russian universities» (1929). He was a supporter of creation of scientific research institute on stories of medicine and the museums of history of medicine.

M. Yu. Lakhtin consisted the member Ob-va of psychologists Marxists at Communistic academy in Moscow, Ob-va of history of medicine and natural sciences in Leipzig, Ob-va of neuropathologists and psychiatrists in Berlin, etc.

Works: Big operations in the history of surgery, M., 1901; Short biographic dictionary of the famous doctors of all times, SPb., 1902; Etudes on stories of medicine, M., 1902; Medicine and doctors in the Moscow state (in pre-Pertine Russia), M., 1906; Materials to history of medicine in Russia, M., 1907; Ancient monuments to medical writing, M., 1911; Materials to history of psychiatry in Russia, M., 1912; The International congresses on stories of medicine, the Doctor, business, No. 6, Art. 433, 1928.

Bibliography: Sketches on stories of the 1st Moscow medical institute, under the editorship of V. V. Kovanov, page 729, M., 1959; Zeiss H. Michael Lachtin dem russi-schen Medizinhistoriker zum Andenken, Janus, Bd 35, S. 281, 1931.

M. K. Kuzmin.