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LAGOKHILASKARIDOZ (lagochilascaridosis) — helminthosis, at Krom in various tissues of the person there are abscesses. It is widespread in South America. The activator — round Lagochilascaris minor Leiper helminth, 1909. A cuticle of helminth gently an ischerchena in transverse direction. Along all body lateral wings stretch. The size of a male is 9 X 0,4 mm, females — 15 X 0,5 mm. Eggs round with a thick cover (0,065 mm in the diameter). Helminth parasitizes in a small bowel of a wild cat and leopard. Infection of the person probably occurs at a proglatyvaniye of the eggs of helminth which are allocated with a stake of the infected cats and leopards and ripening in the soil. In intestines of the person from eggs larvae which are implemented in circulatory and limf, vessels hatch and migrate on an organism. Puberal L. minor, their larvae and egg found in hypodermic abscesses on a neck, in abscesses of almonds and a mastoid. Intensity of an invasion sometimes happens very high; found hundreds of helminths in abscesses. The diagnosis is made on the basis of identification of species of the emitted helminths. Treatment operational — opening of abscesses and removal of helminths. Apply orally ditrazin (a synonym: hetrazane, dietilkarbamazin). The disease proceeds is long — up to 8 years; abscesses recur. Prevention: observance of measures of personal hygiene.

Bibliography: The multivolume guide to microbiology, clinic and epidemiology of infectious diseases, under the editorship of H. N. Zhukova-Verezhnikov, t. 9, page 659, M., 1968.

H. N. Plotnikov.