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LACTEAL SPOTS (maculae lacteae, synonym tendinous spots) — the limited changes of serous covers which are expressed in education on them single or multiple spots of milky-white color.

«Lacteal spots» — morfol, the concept combining educations, various by origin. Normal on serous covers, it is especially frequent on a surface of a big epiploon, small whitish spots meet, to-rye consist of accumulations of cells like macrophages. On an epicardium the flat flattening of a serous cover having an appearance of white spots with sharp contours is observed to-rye consists of growths of the connecting fabric sometimes including the zhelezistopodobny mesothelial courses covered by a cubic epithelium.

On an epicardium of L. S. happen three types: 1) the spots extended unevenly and which are occupying quite often a surface of auricles, and also a back surface of heart and having at the same time sometimes a pulled surface represent result of the postponed pericardis, usually rheumatic character; 2) the smooth and shining from a surface spots localized most often on a front surface of a right ventricle and on the course of coronal arteries are, apparently, a consequence of the mechanical reasons (friction and continuous blows at a systole and a diastole of heart), occur preferential at elderly people; 3) the tops of heart of L. S. observed sometimes at children of early age in the field of a front surface in the form of a translucent thickening of the epicardium, on a section which is quite often represented consisting of mucous fabric belong to malformations.

A. I. Abrikosov.