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LABURBUL (La Bourboule) — the balneological resort in France. It is located in department of Pyui-de-Dom, in the picturesque valley of the river Dordogne surrounded high (to 1500 m) the mountains covered with the wood, protecting the resort from sowing. winds. The climate is mountain, equal, soft. Summer hot (average monthly temperature in July 22 °), fall warm (in September 18 °). In the resort there are sources of mineral carbonic arsenous gidrokarbonatno-chloride sodium water. Waters of three sources thermal (t ° 53 — 56 °) with a mineralization of 4,4 — 5,6 g/l and the content of arsenic up to 0,007 g/l. Waters of other sources cold (t ° 18 — 19 °), low-mineralized (0,5 — 0,8 g/l). Water is applied to bathtubs, drinking treatment, inhalations, irrigations, flourishes (including to a shower massage under water), etc. Water of a source Perriere is spilled in bottles and exported. In the resort there are bathing buildings, a large number of hotels and boarding houses. A season — since the end of May prior to the beginning of October.

Indications: anemia, diseases of upper respiratory tracts and lungs of not tubercular character, chronic lymphadenites, some diseases of skin and endocrine diseases.