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LABORI Henry (Laborit Henri Marie, sort. in 1914) — the French surgeon, the pathophysiologist, the pharmacologist, professor, the honorary member of a number of foreign academies.

Henri's LABORI

In 1934 graduated from the Higher medical school of sea department in Bordeaux. During World War II served as the surgeon on Navy vessels. The head of laboratory at-tse Busiko in Paris (since 1958), hl. the editor of the Agressologie magazine (since 1960). Since 1960 headed the research department of medical service of fr. army.

A. Labori published apprx. 20 monographs, a large number of scientific articles, a number of philosophical works.

In 1946 — 1949 he investigated activity of cholinesterase in the course of curarization and in the postoperative period. Developed the principle of the potentiated anesthesia by means of derivatives of a fenotiazin. World fame was brought to it by scientific justification of indications to use of Chlorpromazinum (see. Aminazin ), found broad application in a pathophysiology, surgery, anesthesiology, psychiatry. He created idea of a chemical sympathectomy, conducted basic researches on fiziol, to justification and practical application of hibernation (see. Hibernation artificial ) and hypothermias that exerted a great influence on development of cordial surgery, anesthesiology and resuscitation. Made an essential contribution to studying of metabolism at shock. Is one of creators sovr, concepts about mechanisms of reaction of an organism to aggression, and in particular on an injury. A. Labori physiologically proved and promoted implementation in practice of some new methods of treatment of shock.

It published a number of the works devoted to studying of mechanisms of action psychotropic pharmakol, drugs.

An important contribution to resuscitation was opening 4 hydroxysodium butyrates which is the first of group of the drugs which received the name «gipnotik», and implementation of drug in practice of an intensive care at treatment of postresuscitatic complications, a cherepnomozgovy injury, a number of terminal states and also for carrying out the general anesthesia and to lay down. hypothermias. In 1963. And. Labori reported about results experimental and a wedge, researches of semi-aldehyde of the succinyl possessing selective effect on c. N of page and the brain promoting recovery of activity after the postponed ischemia as a result of a short-term stop of blood circulation. Suggested to use dihydroxyacetone for preservation of blood. Took part in work of the international symposiums on resuscitation in Moscow (1964, 1968) twice.

It is awarded by a military cross with palm branches, an officer cross of the Honourable Legion. The winner of an award of Albert Lasker of Association of health care of the USA (1957).

Works: L’anesthesie facilitee par les synergies medicamenteuses, P., 1951; Pratique de l’hibernoth^rapie en Chirurgie et en me-decine, P., 1954 (sovm, with Huguenard P., pyc. lane, M., 1956); Bases physio-biologiques et principes generaux de reanimation, P., 1958 (sovm, with other); Stress and cellular function, Philadelphia — Montreal, 1959; Phy-siologie humaine, P., 1961; Les regulations metaboliques, P., 1965 (Russian lane, M., 1970); Neurophysiologie, Aspects m6taboliques et pharmacologiques, P., 1969 (Russian lane, M., 1974); Les comportements, P., 1973.

V. A. Negovsky.