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LABORATORY ASSISTANT (Latin laborans, laborantis working) — the scientific and technical employee of laboratory or the person preparing devices, drugs and other grants for laboratory (practical) researches with students (pupils) or lectures of professor, associate professor, teacher. In laboratories to lay down. - professional, institutions work: a) H.p. the highest medical (doctor-laboratory assistant), biol., chemical, pharm, education; b) L. with secondary medical vocational education (medical technologist); c) L. without vocational education with the secondary general education, prepared on special courses or from nurses (the medical laboratory assistant). Fundamental obligations of the doctor-laboratory assistant is carrying out a lab. researches at diagnostic inspection of patients and a lab. control of efficiency of treatment, at dispensary observation and routine maintenances. The doctor-laboratory assistant bears responsibility for quality of the conducted researches. It together with clinical physicians defines the plan diagnostic a lab. inspections of patients.

Medical technologist and medical L. work under the leadership of the doctor or independently. Reception and processing of the material brought to laboratory, capture of blood for the analysis from a finger, preparation of reactants, performance of preparatory stages difficult biochemical, gematol belongs to their duties., all-wedge., tsitol., mikrobiol, and other types of analyses. They are obliged to watch a state a lab. the equipment, devices and it is correct to exploit them, to keep the corresponding medical documentation. During the work in bacterial, and virusol, department of clinical diagnostic laboratory and SES laboratories also visit of objects, sampling (materials) for the analysis, departures in inf belongs to their duties. the centers for collecting material. They prepare Wednesdays, carry out crops of primary material and pure growths, preparation of drugs, and in sanitary and bacteriological laboratory make primary crops of tests of objects of the environment and having changed with liquid on dense differential environments. At lack in SES of a position of the doctor-laboratory assistant they carry out a precautionary and current dignity. supervision. Senior L. the manager is an assistant. laboratory, makes the schedule and the sheet of work, watches a condition of property, keeps account of stock, writes out and buys reactants, ware, the equipment and furniture, necessary for work. Duties of the senior L. can be charged to one of L.

Work in laboratory is accompanied by certain profvrednost therefore employees of laboratory shall know safety regulationss and production sanitation (see. Accident prevention ). During the carrying out bacterial, researches and in operating time with toxic agents is forbidden to eat food and to smoke behind a desktop. Work with toxic agents should be carried out in rubber gloves, safety spectacles, and work with the infected material only by means of tools (tweezers, needles, loops, packers etc.). During the work as a pipette with the infected material, poisonous and caustic liquids use a rubber pear. The ware which was in the use is located in disinfecting solution, is boiled and washed out by a large amount of water. After contact with the infected material of a hand, and also tables on which work was performed process disinfecting solution. Works with especially dangerous material are carried out in the isolated room using additional resources of protection: oversleeves, aprons, gloves, respirators. For the prevention of poisonings during the work connected with formation of harmful vapors and gases with flying chemical substances, it is necessary to use hoods.

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