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KYUSTENDIL — the balneological resort in NRB. It is located on the suburb of the city of the same name in 55 km from Sofia, on sowing. slopes of the massif Special, at the height of 530 m above sea-level. The climate is moderately continental. Average annual air temperature 10,6 °. The summer is long, warm (average monthly temperature in July 21,3 hail), winter short, soft (average monthly temperature in January 0,7 °). Rainfall for a year of 650 mm. In the territory of the resort more than 40 low-mineralized thermal (t ° 72 — 74 °) nitrogen-siliceous sulfate-hydrocarbonate sodium sources with the content of fluorine (0,007 g/l).


Formula of chemical structure of a source No. 1:

Water of sources is applied to bathtubs, bathings in the pool, drinking treatment, inhalations and others balneoprotsedur. In the resort there are sanatoria, rest houses, boarding houses, resort policlinic, mud baths (where imported peat is used), three balnearies, the park with sports constructions, outdoor swimming pools with mineral water, hotels.

Indications: diseases of a musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system, skin, gynecologic diseases, hron, poisonings with heavy metals, diseases of a respiratory organs of not tubercular character, funkts, diseases of a nervous system.

V. V. Poltoranov.