KUZNETSK Dmitry Petrovich

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KUZNETSK Dmitry Petrovich (1875 — 1939) — the Soviet surgeon-urologist, the doctor of medical sciences (1911), professor (1914).

KUZNETSK Dmitry Petrovich

In 1899 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that and would work as the doctor Nizhne-of the Tagil territorial. In 1903 — 1904 the intern in clinic of VMA at S. P. Fedorov. During the Russian-Japanese war worked in hospitals of the Red Cross at the Far East, then was in a scientific business trip abroad where the wedge, surgery and urology studied questions. Since 1906 the assistant to hospital surgical clinic of VMA, and after protection in 1911 dokt, theses on a subject about stones of a kidney and an ureter — the privatdozent (1913). In 1914 it is elected professor of department of faculty surgery Petrograd psychoneurological in-that. In further D. P. Kuznetsk headed a number of departments of surgery of various high fur boots and medical in-comrade. In World War I — the surgeon-consultant of a number of large military hospitals.

D. P. Kuznetsky published 73 scientific works devoted generally to questions of urology, in particular tuberculosis, syphilis and an actinomycosis of kidneys, and also a pathogeny and clinic of an anury, diagnosis and a symptomatology of tumors of kidneys, etc. A number of its works is devoted to questions of the emergency surgical help, field surgery, development and improvement of ways of operative measures on kidneys, a bladder, generative organs at pyoinflammatory diseases, tuberculosis and a hydronephrosis.

Works: The Ktratky report of operational activity of the Nizhny Tagil hospital since 1 Dec. 1899 1 Apr. 1903, Surgery, t. 15, No. 85, page 104, 1904; The Summary record of operational activity of temporary infirmary of the Red Cross in Blagoveshchensk on Amur (since July 1 on 25 Saint. 1904), in the same place, t. 18, No. 107, page 478, 1905 (sovm, with Roza F. Yu.); To a pathogeny and clinic of an anury, Works Hospital hir. clinics of the prof. S. P. Fedorov, t. 4, page 25, SPb., 1910; Stones of a kidney and ureter, yew., SPb., 1911; To a question of a recurrence of a nephrolithiasis, It is new. hir. arkh., t. 11, No. 41-42, page 167, 1927; Diagnosis and symptomatology of dense tumors of kidneys, Works of the 3rd congress of dews. Urals., page 59, L., 1930.

Bibliography: Krakow N. I. Professor D. P. Kuznetsk, Surgery, No. 9, page 156, 1939; Shirokov B. A., D. P. Kuznetsk, It is new. hir. arkh., t. 45, book 3, page 286, 1940.

L. A. Stankievich, I. P. Shevtsov.