KUTATELADZE Iovel Grigoryevich

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KUTATELADZE Iovel Grigoryevich (1887 — 1963) — Soviet pharmakokhimik, the academician of AN of the Georgian SSR (1946), zasl. scientist of the Georgian SSR (1941).

KUTATELADZE Iovel Grigoryevich

In 1910 ended pharmaceutical f-t Odessa un-that. In 1911 — 1921 worked at department of pharmacy and a pharmacognosy of it un-that. From 1921 to 1963 — the department chair of pharmacy and a pharmacognosy medical f-that Tbilisi un-that (since 1930. Tbilisi medical in-that). Along with 1932 headed based by it Tbilisi research chemical and pharmaceutical in in-t and since 1937 — pharmaceutical in-t.

I. G. Kutateladze published St. 115 scientific works, including 4 monographs. He developed the Georgian pharmakokhimichesky terminology of dosage forms, created the first textbooks on technology of dosage forms and galenovy drugs, on judicial and analytical chemistry in Georgian.

I. G. Kutateladze emitted crystal guaiacol and experimentally proved existence in expired air of guaiacol after introduction it under skin to animals. It showed that extractives of wines find ability to have a promoting effect on an isolated heart. Under its management methods of receiving caffeine from waste of the tea industry and a tannin from a sumac and sumach were developed and implemented in production. And. G. Kutateladze one of authors of development of a neodigalen, a digitsiklin, Thealbinum, is silent-askane, etc.

Under its management 45 theses, including 5 doctor's are prepared.

I. G. Kutateladze was a member of academic medical council of M3 of the Georgian SSR and the chairman Georgian pharmaceutical about-va (1926). It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin, the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: Resources of medicinal and some technical plants in the Georgian SSR, Tbilisi, 1945 (on a load, a language); Tikha-askane for the medical purposes, Tbilisi, 1955; Cardiacs from vegetable raw materials of the Georgian SSR, Tbilisi, 1957.

Bibliography: I. G. Kutateladze, Medical prom-st USSR, No. 4, page 64, 1964; Chkha-tarashvili L. E. Iovel Grigoryevich Kutateladze, Tbilisi, 1967 (on a load, a language).

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