KUSHELEVSKY Boris Pavlovich

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KUSHELEVSKY Boris Pavlovich (1890 — 1976) — the Soviet therapist, the doctor of medical sciences (1939), professor (1940), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1969), winner of the State award USSR (1969).

KUSHELEVSKY Boris Pavlovich

In 1914 ended medical f-t Kazan un-that then was at the front; in 1918 — 1920 served in Red Army. In 1920 — 1928 worked as the doctor at the railroad in Sverdlovsk, and then directed department inf. diseases medical f-that Ural un-that. From 1934 to 1968 the department chair of faculty therapy Sverdlovsk medical in-that. At the same time in 1941 — 1947 of hl. therapist of the Ural Military District.

B. P. Kushelevsky published St. 200 scientific works, including 8 monographs devoted generally to clinic of arthritises, questions of rheumatism, an anoxemia at a circulatory unefficiency of various etiology, anticoagulating therapy, diagnosis and treatment of thromboses and embolisms of a pulmonary artery, a myocardial infarction.

It described (along with V. A. Batenin and E. M. Leonovich) flash new in the Urals inf. diseases — water fever, to-ruyu one of signs of a sacroileitis (pain in a sacroiliac joint called by vodnopolevy fever (1928), and also at compression and stretching of a pelvic ring), known as Kushelevsky's symptom. For the monograph «Clinic of Rheumatic and Not Rheumatic Infectious Arthritises» to it the first award of All-Union committee on fight against rheumatism is awarded (1938). Under its management the wedge, tests were for the first time carried out to the USSR and a number of new sulfanamide drugs for treatment of pneumonia and dysentery is implemented in practice.

For works on creation in our country specialized kardiol. service of ambulance it is conferred the State award USSR.

Under its management 48 dissertations, including 10 doctor's are defended.

B. P. Kushelevsky was a board member Vsesoyuznogo therapeutic about-va (1935), All-Russian therapeutic and cardiological about-va since their organization, a redsovet of magazines «Therapeutic Archive», «Clinical Medicine», «Cardiology», the editor of a redotdel «Internal diseases» in 2 prod. BME.

It is awarded by awards of the Red Banner, the Labour Red Banner (two), Red Stars and medals.

Works: Clinic of rheumatic and not rheumatic infectious arthritises, Sverdlovsk, 1938; Infectious diseases of joints, M. — Sverdlovsk, 1945; Sketches on anticoagulating therapy, M., 1958; Studying of arterial thromboses and embolisms over the last 50 years, Klin, medical, t. 45, No. I, page 85, 1967; The Emergency help at acute coronary and heart failure, Sverdlovsk, 1970 (sovm, with other); Stenocardias and their differentiated therapy, M., 1971 (sovm, with Coconut A. N.); Seasonal distinctions of fibrinolitic activity of blood at patients with atherosclerosis against the background of use of anticoagulants, Klin, medical, t. 50, No. 7, page 26, 1972 (sovm, from Seliverstova G. P.); Fibrinferments and embolisms of a pulmonary artery, in book: Bases pulmonol., under the editorship of. A. N. Koko-sova, page 194, M., 1976 (sovm, from Christmas E. D.).

Bibliography: Boris Pavlovich Kushelevsky, Klien, medical, t. 54, No. 6, page 152, 1976.