KURZ Jaromir

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KURZ Jaromir (Kurz Jaromir, 1895 — 1965) — the Czechoslovak ophthalmologist, the academician. Czechoslovak academy of Sciences (1954).

KURTs Yaromir

In 1920 ended medical f-t of Karlov un-that in Prague. In 1920 — 1945 worked in the Czech eye clinic in Prague, since 1951 — managed department of ophthalmology of Karlov un-that.

Ja. Kurz published more than 130 scientific works among which there are 3 monographs, including the extensive monograph about oftalmonevrologichesky diagnosis. Its main works are devoted to problems of squint, change of a cornea and a nevrooftalmologiya. It widely applied early complex treatment of squint at children at preschool age, including operative measures. It created for treatment of squint the Czechoslovakia's first orthoptic station (1948). Ja. Kurz improved technology of not through, through and subtotal change of a cornea and offered tools for it. It for the first time manufactured transplantation of a sclera at the person with the tectonic purpose (1953) in Czechoslovakia. Under its edition there was in several editions a textbook of fundamentals of ophthalmology. Ja. Kurz was hl. editor of the Ceskoslovenska ofthalmologie magazine.

Works: Exofthalmus s ofthalmologick^hohlediska, Praha, 1955 (edition); Ofthalmo-neu-rologicka diagnostika, Praha, 1956; Zakla-detel6 sevkyo ofthalmologie, Praha, 1957 (sovm, with other); Zaklady ocniho of l£karstvi, Praha, 1958>; Lidsky zrak, Praha, 1961; Keratoplasty, Praha, 1962 (edition).

Bibliography: Dne 30 rijna 1965 zemrel aka-demik Jaromir Kurz, Cs. Ofthal., No. 6, s. 439, 1965; Otradovec J. Tricet let II oeni kliniky, K nedozitym osmdesa-tinam, akademik£ Jaromira Kurze, ibid., N 5, s. 305, 1975.

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