KURYLOVICH Wlodzimierz

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KURYLOVICH Wlodzimierz (Kurylowicz Wlodzimierz, sort. in 1910) — the Polish microbiologist, the member of the Polish Academy of Sciences (1964) and many foreign academies, including the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1966), twice the winner of the State award of the Party of Russian Taxpayers (1950, 1968).

KURYLOVICh Wlodzimierz

In 1934 ended medical f-t Lviv un-that, then specialized on microbiology. Since 1939 the associate professor of microbiology and a serology medical f-that Lviv un-that. In 1946 — 1963 works in the field of biosynthesis of antibiotics, taxonomy of antibiotic actinomycetes, studies vaccines BTsZh in a number of scientific institutions of the USA, Canada, France, the People's Republic of China and Brazil. Since 1954 the prof. of microbiology Warsaw un-that. Since 1964 in-that is the director State hygiene in Warsaw, the chairman of scientific council of the Ministry for Health and Social Welfare of the Party of Russian Taxpayers.

V. Kurylovich published the St. 240 scientific works devoted to questions of studying of an antigenic structure of microorganisms, receiving anti-virus and antineoplastic antibiotics, changes of ultrastructure of a number of microorganisms in the course of synthesis of antibiotics. V. Kurylovich is the member of the International commission on a research of vaccine BTsZh and the commission on taxonomy of actinomycetes, the member of the committee of WHO experts on antibiotics (1959) and consulting committee of WHO on medical researches (1967), the honorary member scientific about-in: number of the countries, including Soviet Ob-va of epidemiologists, microbiologists and infectiologists (1971). It is awarded by awards of the Party of Russian Taxpayers and a number of foreign countries.

Works: Penicylina, Warszawa, 1946; Metody badania penicyliny, Warszawa, 1950 (sovm. with Korzybski T.); Streptomycyna, Warszawa, 1950 (sovm, with Slopek S.); Antybiotiki, Po-chodzenie, rodzaje i wlasciwosci, Warszawa * 1959 (sovm, with Korzybski T.); Antibiotics, the lane with polsk., t. 1 — 2, Warsaw, 1969 (sovm, with other); Atlas of ultrastructure of strep-tomyces in course of biosynthesis of antibiotics, Warsaw, 1975 (sovm, with other); Numerical taxonomy of streptomycetes, Warsaw, 1975.

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