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KURTSIUSA SYNDROME (F. Curtius, sovr. it is mute. the doctor) — the complex of malformations which is characterized by an inborn hypertrophy of a half of the face (hl. obr. an upper jaw), a dysplasia and early dedentition, darling vascular spots on a face, a phlebectasia standing, a syndactylia, dystrophy of skin, a hypogenitalism, disturbance of intelligence. Also erased forms K are observed. the page when separate defects are expressed a little or are not expressed at all.

See also Malformations .

Bibliography: Curtius F. Kongenitaler partieller Riesenwuchs mit endokrinen Sto-rungen, Dtsch. Arch. klin. Med., Bd 147, S. 310, 1925