KUPRIYANOV Pyotr Andreevich

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KUPRIYANOV Pyotr Andreevich (1893 — 1963) — the Soviet surgeon, the academician of AMH (1944) and the vice-president of AMH (1944—1950), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1942), Hera of Socialist Work (1963), winner of the Lenin award (1960), lieutenant general of medical service.

KUPRIYANOV Pyotr Andreevich

In 1915 — 1917 was a zauryad-doctor in field army. After the termination in 1918 VMA is left by the teacher of department of the operational surgery and topographical anatomy headed by B. N. Shevkunenko. At the same time worked in clinic for V. A. Oppel and C. P. Fedorova. In 1921 protected dokt, the thesis on a subject about surgical anatomy of an outside base of skull. Since 1930 the department chair of operational surgery and topographical anatomy of the 1st Leningrad medical in-that; at the same time surgeon-consultant of District military hospital. From 1944 to 1963 headed department of surgery of VMA for improvement of doctors and at the same time managed department of faculty surgery of the 1st Leningrad medical in-that (1944 — 1949). In 1958 created the USSR's first department of anesthesiology in VMA. During the Soviet-Finnish military conflict (1939 — 1940) was a surgeon-consultant of the front; during the Great Patriotic War (1941 — 1945) the hl was. surgeon of the Northwest direction, and then Leningrad front.

P. A. Kupriyanov published St. 200 scientific works which are devoted to questions of operational, specialty and field surgery. On the basis of experience of the Great Patriotic War at the initiative of P. A. Kupriyanov the unique edition «Atlas of Gunshot Wounds» in 10 volumes was created. He is an editor of the 9th and 10th volumes of «Experience of the Soviet medicine in the Great Patriotic War of 1941 — 1945». The «Short course of field surgery» written by them S. I. Banaytis served as an important grant for surgeons during the Great Patriotic War.

P. A. Kupriyanov is one of founders of the Soviet cordial vascular surgery, made a big contribution to development of problems of thoracic surgery and surgical treatment of diseases of a gullet. It the first in the USSR applied a deep hypothermia and under its protection executed operation with opening of cardial cavities («dry» heart operation); using advantages of an endotracheal anesthesia with the managed breath, developed a problem of operative measures on heart and the main blood vessels. For works on cardiovascular surgery it was conferred the Lenin award.

P. A. Kupriyanov created school of surgeons: among his pupils there is A. P. Kolesov, V. I. Kolesov, V. I. Burakovsky, M. S. Grigoriev, S. L. Libov, P. K. Romanov, etc. It consisted since 1946 the honorary member, then the Honorary Chairman surgical about-va of N. I. Pirogov, the chairman Vsesoyuznogo about-va surgeons (1952), and also the member Czechoslovak and Polish surgical about - Was an associate editor of Bulletin of Surgery and Surgery magazines century, the associate editor and the editor «Surgery» in 2 prod. redotdet. BME.

It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin (three), Red Banners (three), Patriotic wars of the I degree and medals.

Works: Short course of field surgery, M., 1942 (sovm. with Banaytis S. I.); Atlas of gunshot wounds, t. 1 — 10, L., 1948 — 1955 (sost. and an edition sovm, with Kolesnikov I. S.); Purulent diseases of a pleura and lungs, L., 1955 (edition); Some questions of chest surgery, L., 1955 (sovm, with Trukhalev I. A.); Operations on bodies of a breast, L., 1960 (sovm, with other); Artificial circulation in a heart surgery and the main vessels, L., 1962 (edition).

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V. I. Kolesov.