KUNDIYEV Yury Ilyich

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KUNDIYEV Yury Ilyich (sort. in 1927) — the Soviet hygienist, the member correspondent of AMH (1974), zasl. scientist of USSR (1977).

KUNDIYEV Yury Ilyich

In 1951 ended a dignity. - a gigabyte. with f-t Kiev medical in-that, then the director of it in-that worked in Kiev research in-those occupational health and occupational diseases, and since 1964.

Yu. I. Kundiyev published apprx. 160 scientific works devoted to toxicology of pesticides, physiology and occupational health in agriculture. It determined consistent patterns of absorption of a number of toxicants through skin depending on their chemical structure and physical. - chemical properties, original methods of a research are developed, criteria of establishment of maximum allowable concentration of some toxicants in the atmosphere of production rooms are specified.

Yu. I. Kundiyev is a member of standing committee of WHO experts on professional health, the chairman of Scientific council on hygiene at M3 of USSR (since 1973), the member of redsovet of the «Occupational Health and Occupational Diseases» magazine and magazine of GDR «Hygiene». It consists the board member Vsesoyuznogo scientific about-va hygienists and health officers, the first deputy chairman of the board of Ukrainian and the chairman Kiev city and the Region of departments of it about-va, and also the honorary member Czechoslovak medical about-va of Ya. Purkinye (1966) and the member correspondent. Scientific about-va hygiene and labor protection of GDR (1976). It is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner.

Works: Hygienic value of a problem of a resorption of organophosphorous insecticides through skin, a yew., Kiev, 1967; Absorption of pesticides through skin and prevention of poisonings, Kiev, 1975; The effect of pesticides — the derivatives of carbamic, thio-, and dithiocarbamic acids on warm-blooded animals, in book: Environ, quality a. safety, ed. by F. Coulston a. F. Korte, v. 3, suppl., p. 618, Stuttgart, 1975 (sovm, with other); Intense cerebration and condition of regulation of cardiovascular system, Fiziol, person, t. 2, No. 3, page 433, 1976 (sovm, with other).

E. I. Vorontsova.