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KUMYSOLECHENIYE - the use with the medical purpose of koumiss which is carried out preferential at tuberculosis. The TB patient koumiss is appointed as additional fortifying tool during the performing complex antitubercular therapy.

Koumiss — a lactic product which is prepared from mare's milk is known from traditional medicine for a long time. Messages on favorable effect of koumiss at tuberculosis, a scurvy were made by P. S. Pallas (1770), P. I. Skvortsov (1841), V. I. Dahl (1841). To treatment koumiss at tuberculosis attached very great value, about popularity of koumiss how to lay down. cure for tuberculosis can be judged by S. T. Aksakov's works. In 1858 N. V. Postnikov organized near Samara the first sanatorium — a kumysolechebnitsa for TB patients that laid the foundation organized To. in the conditions of a sanatorium regime. In the USSR there is a number of klimatokumysolechebny resorts in Bashkiria, the Volga region, Altai Krai, Buryat the ASSR, etc. (see. Resorts ).

Koumiss (see. lactic products ) contains milk to - that, alcohol, carbonic acid, and also salts of calcium, microelements — cobalt, manganese, copper, etc., vitamins, especially many vitamins

of group B. the Chemical composition of koumiss defines some parties of its medical action.

Lactic acid contributes to normalization of the acid-base equilibrium broken at TB patients. Carbonic acid strengthens secretory and motive functions went. - kish. a path therefore absorption of feedstuffs, comprehensibility of proteins and fats improves.

As a result of a kumysolecheniye at TB patients the vitamin deficiency is substantially filled, putrefactive processes in a large intestine are suppressed, intestinal is eliminated dysbacteriosis (see) which can develop at long reception of antibiotics. Thus, koumiss is the means improving a metabolism and stimulating protective forces of an organism. Promoting recovery of a vitamin deficiency of group B, including pantothenic to - you, koumiss can serve as means of increase in acetylation and prevention of toxic action of products of metabolism of himiopreparat.

In some cases the koumiss prepared from cow's milk is applied. In such koumiss contents milk to - you, carbonic acid and alcohol same, as in koumiss from mare's milk there is more fat, carbohydrates. On medicinal properties koumiss from cow's milk does not concede to koumiss from mare's milk.

A technique

Usually for adults appoint up to 1500 ml of koumiss a day. In the first half of day drink 2/3, in the second — 1/3 daily doses. It is necessary to drink koumiss 2 — 2,5 hours later after meal. Time of drug intake remains corresponding to the accepted technique for each drug irrespective of drink of koumiss.

Indications and Contraindications

Indications: the focal, disseminated, infiltrative forms both without disintegration, and with disintegration, in the absence of bent to progressing, and also others torpidno the current forms of a pulmonary tuberculosis and tuberculosis of other localization.

Contraindications: sharply proceeding forms of a pulmonary tuberculosis — miliary, disseminated, caseous pneumonia, far come forms of a pulmonary tuberculosis with multiple cavities of disintegration, bent to a pneumorrhagia; besides, all diseases, at which contraindicated a dignity. - hens. treatment (see. Sanatorium selection, table ).

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