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KUMMEL Herman (Kummell Hermann, 1852 — 1937) — the German surgeon, professor (1919).


In 1876 ended medical f-t Berlin un-that, then city would work in Berlin. In 1880 moved to Hamburg where since 1895 there was a hl. doctor-tsy Hamburg-Eppendorf. In 1919 headed department of surgery and was the first dean medical f-that and the rector Hamburg un-that.

G. Kyummell took part in the development of methods of antiseptics and an asepsis which appeared during his surgical activity. Range of its scientific research is extremely wide: he offered the operation called by his name at prolapse of the rectum (see); described a traumatic spondylitis, a so-called disease of Kyummell — is more true — the late necrosis of a body of a vertebra which is not distinguished right after injuring (see. Kyummellya disease ). G. Kyummell published a number of scientific works about tuberculosis of a peritoneum, a parapleuritis, intestinal impassability, an acute appendicitis, surgery of a gall bladder and bilious ways, diseases of a bladder and prostate, and also on neurosurgery (diseases and injuries of a head and spinal cord), heart surgeries and aortic aneurysms. He developed X-ray contrast researches of kidneys and uric ways. Together with A. Bir and G. Brown made the capital guide to operational surgery.

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