KULYABKO Alexey Aleksandrovich

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KULYABKO Alexey Aleksandrovich (1866 — 1930) — the Soviet physiologist, zasl. professor Tomsk un-that (1924).

KULYABKO Alexey Aleksandrovich

In 1888 graduated from natural department St. Petersburg un-that, and in 1893 — medical f-t Tomsk un-that. I. M. Sechenov, F. V. Ovsyannikov were his teachers.

In 1894 worked in fiziol, laboratories of Germany and France, and since 1895 — in fiziol, Academies of Sciences laboratories in St. Petersburg. In 1897 protected dokt, the thesis on a subject about bilious capillaries. From 1903 to 1924 headed department of physiology on medical f-those Tomsk un-that, at the same time was the director of the Siberian high female courses where also taught physiology. Since 1925 was a consultant in All-Union research chemical and pharmaceutical in-those (VNIHFI).

A. A. Kulyabko published the St. 50 scientific works devoted generally to development of a problem of revival of separate bodies and an organism in general. He made numerous experiments on revival of heart of hematothermal animals. In August, 1902 A. A. Kulyabko for the first time in the world «recovered» heart of the child later 20 hours after death which came from pneumonia. It executed a series of successful experiments on recovery of vital signs of a brain in the cut-off heads of ganoid and bony fishes by means of the system of artificial circulation of lokkovsky liquid created by it. A. A. Kulyabko's experiments on recovery of functions of a brain and heart opened new ways for a successful solution of the problem of revival of an organism.

Its works on a problem of revival were continued by the Soviet scientists F. A. Andreyev, S. S. Bryukhonenko, V. A. Negovsky, S. I. Chechulin.

A. A. Kulyabko was elected by the honorary member of a row foreign scientific about-in physiologists in England, Germany and France.

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M. K. Kuzmin.