KULIKOVSKY Grigory Grigoryevich

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KULIKOVSKY Grigory Grigoryevich (1890 — 1955) — the Soviet otorhinolaryngologist, the doctor of medical sciences (1935), professor (1941), the major general of health service.

KULIKOVSKY Grigory Grigoryevich

In 1916 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that. Then did military service. In 1922 — 1924 was on improvement on otorhinolaryngology in VMA. From 1924 to 1937 the head of otorhinolaryngological department of the 1st Moscow communistic military hospital (nowadays Main military hospital of N. N. Burdenko). Since 1937 the assistant to the head by a scientific part Ying-that an air medicine. Since 1941 the prof. of department of otorhinolaryngology of VMA, and since 1942 hl. otorhinolaryngologist of the Soviet Army.

G. G. Kulikovsky published apprx. 70 scientific works devoted generally to questions of an air medicine. In it dokt, the thesis on a subject about the mechanism of bone conductivity was given a number of new concepts in questions of physiology of hearing. He carried out original works on a vestibular training of pilots, concerning professional selection to flight parts, trainings of parachutists, etc. A number of its works is devoted to a technique of treatment of otorhinolaryngological wounded and contused.

G. G. Kulikovsky offered new devices for protection at crews of airplanes of an acoustic organ — «cap comforter», «an aviation bandage», etc.; it developed some new models of tools — a needle for a puncture of a Highmore's bosom, a palate suturing needle, the simplified type of a diafanoskop for raying of Highmore's and frontal sinuses.

G. G. Kulikovsky consisted the member and vice-chairman Vsesoyuznogo and Moscow scientific about-in otorhinolaryngologists.

It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin, the Red Banner (two), Labour Red Banners, Patriotic war of the I degree and medals.

Works: Vestibular training of the pilot, M. — L., 1939; Otho-rino-lyaringologiya for the army doctor, M. — L., 1940; The Historical review of development of the from-rino-lyaringo-logical help to the wounded sick and contused, Experience of owls. medical 1941 — 1945 in the Great Patriotic War, t. 8, page 13, M., 1951 (sovm, with Svetlanovy M. I.); A general characteristic of wounds of a nose, throat and ear and contusional defeats, in the same place, page 22 (sovm, with Svetlanovy M. I.).

Bibliography: Professor Grigory Grigoryevich Kulikovsky, Vestn, from-rino-lyar., No. 3, page 85, 1951; F and l and p p about in M. M. Memories of professor Grigory Grigoryevich Kulikovsky, in the same place, No. 1, page 90, 1956.

B. S. Preobrazhensky.