KULESHA Georgy Stepanovich

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KULESHA Georgy Stepanovich (1866 — 1930) — the Soviet pathologist and the microbiologist, the doctor of medical sciences (1898), professor (1915).

KULESHA Georgy Stepanovich

In 1885 arrived on natural department physical and mathematical f-that Moscow un-that, but in 1890 it was excluded for participation in student's disorders. Finished in 1895 medical f-t of Derptsky un-that. In 1898 protected dokt, the thesis on a subject about pneumonia at measles. In 1898 — 1923 would work in Petrograd as the prosector city (nowadays of Slutskaya) and along with 1911 there was the privatdozent at the rate of microbiology in Women's medical in-those, and since 1915 a prof. of department patol, anatomy. Petrograd in-that medical knowledge. From 1923 to 1926 the manager. Sevastopol bacteriological in-volume and department patol. anatomy Crimean un-that in Simferopol. In 1926 — 1930 the director Kuban research medical in-that and the department chair patol, anatomy Kuban (nowadays Krasnodar) medical in-that.

G. S. Kulesha published St. 50 scientific works, including the textbook on patol, anatomy, in Krom for the first time in domestic literature the description patol is given, to anatomy inf. diseases by the nosological principle. A number of its works is devoted to questions of a pathogeny of plague, cholera, a typhinia, leprosy, a carriage of bacilli. He pointed one of the first to a role of a gall bladder and changes of marrow at cholera, studied a pathogeny of pulmonary plague, established the reasons of complications at a typhinia and allocated the activator (a stick of a paratyphoid of N), proved that at crops on mediums of pieces from lepromas reproduction and accumulation of typical leprose bacilli like pure growths is observed.

Works: About tubercular blood clots of heart, Bolnich. gas. Botkina, No. 31, page 1171, No. 32, page 1219, 1897; About pneumonia at measles, a yew., SPb., 1898; About malignant new growths of epinephral gland, SPb., 1902; To pathological anatomy of Asian cholera, SPb., 1910; Bacilli carriers and fight against them, SPb., 1914; Materials to the histopathological characteristic of the Karachay craw, in book: Materials on izuch. zobatost in Karachaye, page 70, Rostov N / D., 1929 (sovm, with Lauer V. V.); Materials on studying of a leprosy in Kuban, Rostov N / D., 1929 (sovm, with Malinin I. M.); The Course of pathological anatomy, p.1 — 2, M. — L., 1930 — 1931.

Bibliography: S. V. K unsociable persons to the 100 anniversary since the birth of professor G. S. Kulesh, Uchen. zap. Ying-that on izuch. leprosies, t. 5, page 565, Astrakhan, 1968; Zlatogorov S., G. S. Kulesha, Doctor, business, No. 17, page 1261, 1930.

N. V. Onopchenko.