KULAGIN Victor Konstantinovich

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KULAGIN Victor Konstantinovich (sort. in 1923) — the Soviet pathophysiologist, the academician of AMH (1978), the colonel of health service. Member of the CPSU.

KULAGIN Victor Konstantinovich

In 1951 ended VMA then was the graduated in a military academy, then the teacher, the senior teacher of department patol, physiology of VMA, and since 1967 the chief of this department.

V. K. Kulagin published St. 170 scientific works, including 5 monographs which are devoted generally to problems of traumatic shock and blood loss. It showed a role of disturbances of functions of c. and. page and endocrine system (a hypophysis, bark of adrenal glands) in a pathogeny of shock, opened mechanisms of these disturbances, found out value of changes of a row of fermental systems in development of shock, developed methods of early prevention and the principles of treatment of shock and blood loss with use of blood, blood substitutes, adrenocorticotropic hormone, corticosteroids and some enzymes. In its works also problems of the general doctrine about a disease are covered.

Under its management the St. 30 theses, including 12 doctor's are prepared. V. K. Kulagin consists the member of presidium of board All-Union scientific about-va pathophysiologists, the editor of a redotdel «Pathological physiology» of BME, the member of editorial council of the «Pathological Physiology and Experimental Therapy» magazine.

It is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: About the early prevention of traumatic shock and changes of reflex activity caused by a mechanical injury, L., 1956; Materials to a pathogeny and therapy of traumatic shock, a yew., L., 1961; Traumatic shock, under the editorship of I. R. Petrov, L., 1962 (bus of a number of hl.); A role of bark of adrenal glands in a pathogeny of an injury and shock, L., 1965; The General etiology and the general pathogeny, the Management on a stalemate. fiziol., under the editorship of H. N. Sirotinina, t. 1, page 52, M., 1966 (sovm, with Petrov I. R.); Pathological physiology of an injury and shock, L., 1978.

Bibliography: Victor Konstantinovich Kulagin (To the 50 anniversary since birth), the Stalemate. fiziol, and Eksperim, rubbed., Le 4, page 94, 1973.

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