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KUETTNER Hermann (Kuttner Hermann, 1870 — 1932) — the German surgeon, professor (1904).


In 1894 ended medical f-t Tuebingen un-that, then worked as the assistant in surgical clinic of it un-that for P. Bruns. In 1897 protected dokt, the thesis. Since 1904 — ordinary professor of surgery un-that in Marburg, and since 1907 in Breslau (nowadays Wroclaw, the Party of Russian Taxpayers).

G. Kyuttner published St. 100 scientific works, including several monographs and the textbook. For the purpose of studying of ways of innidiation of cancer tumors he conducted researches limf, vessels of a chest cavity and neck, penis and basin. A number of its works is devoted to diseases milk, salivary submaxillary and thyroid glands, sinews and to other diseases. G. Kyuttner described new nosological forms of diseases: erysipelatous cancer of chest gland, umbilical colic at children, etc., and also were developed by a number of new operational methods: expanded operation of removal of a mammary gland, bandaging of a vertebral artery, removal of a rectum.

He took part in editing a row it. guides to special sections of surgery.

Works: Verletzungen und Erkrankungen der Speicheldriisen, Handb, prakt. Chir., hrsg. v. E. Bergmann u. a., Bd 1, S. 680, Stuttgart, 1899; Die Chirurgie des Schadels und der weichen Schadeldecken, des Gehirns und seiner Hiillen, der Mundhohle, Stuttgart, 1913 (sovm, with Landois F.); Lehrbuch der Chirurgie, Jena, 1920 (sovm. with Wullstein L.); Die bosartigen Neubildungen der Schadeldecke und des knochernen Schadels, in book: Klin. d. bosartigen Geschwiilste, hrsg. v. P. Zweifel u. E Payr, Bd 1, S. 275, Lpz., 1924.

Bibliography: Kle inschmidt O. Hermann Kuttner zum Gedachtnis, Chi-rurg, Bd 9, S. 971, 1932; P and at r E. Hermann Kuttner, Zbl. Chir., Bd 59, S. 2866, 1932.

V. I. Kolesov.