KUDRYAVTSEV Pyotr Filippovich

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KUDRYAVTSEV Pyotr Filippovich (1863 — 1935) — the figure of territorial medicine, the health officer, the active builder of the Soviet health care, professor.

KUDRYAVTSEV Pyotr Filippovich

In 1887 ended medical f-t Kazan un-that and it was left the intern in surgical clinic. Directed student revolutionary circles of the Volga region, adjoined narodovolets. As politically unreliable it was dismissed from clinic and it is sent from Kazan. For political activity repeatedly was exposed to prosecutions and it was forced to change the place of work often. In different years it was connected with M. Gorky, doctors Bolsheviks D. I. Ulyanov, 3. P. Solovyov, statistician A. D. Tsyurupoy, etc. In 1889 — 1917 the dignity worked. the doctor in different zemstvoes (The Moscow, Kherson, Simbirsk, Yaroslavl, Vologda, Ryazan provinces).

After Great October socialist revolution of P. F» Kudryavtsev actively joined in construction of the Soviet health care, participated in fight against epidemics (1919 — 1921), in creation new to lay down. institutions; since 1918 the manager. sanitary and preventive section of the Ryazan gorzdravotdel, since 1927 a provincial dignity. doctor and consultant for the general questions of sanitation Ryazan lips., then the consultant in Sanitary and hygienic in-those of F. F. Erisman (Moscow).

P.F. Kudryavtsev published the St. 100 scientific works devoted to studying of incidence of the population, child mortality, a dignity. conditions of schools and physical. development of school students. P.F. Kudryavtsev together with M. S. Uvarov, N. I. Tezyakov, etc. conducted the first complex social and hygienic research of health of page - x. workers. Materials of this research received positive assessment of V. I. Lenin in his book «Development of Capitalism in Russia». A number of works of P.F. Kudryavtsev is devoted to studying of the reasons of high incidence and mortality of children in the village and the organization of a day nursery shelters in 60 settlements of the Simbirsk province. It showed in the monograph «Rural Day Nursery Shelters in the Simbirsk Province» (1900) that actual reasons of incidence and mortality of children — an impoverishment and destruction of health of peasants as a result of their cruel operation. P. F. Kudryavtsev conducted researches on planning of network of medical sites and creation of standard rural local BCs. The «Album of territorial medical institutions of the Ryazan province» made by it was shown at the All-Russian hygienic exhibition in 1913. In 1926 P.F. Kudryavtsev developed the development plan for network of medical institutions of the Ryazan province taking into account the maximum approach of the medical help to the population.

In 1933 P.F. Kudryavtsev was awarded ranks of the Hero Trud.

Works: Alien agricultural workers at the Nikolaev fair in m to Kakhovka the Taurian province and sanitary inspection behind them in 1895, Kherson, 1896; The Rural day nursery shelters in the Simbirsk province in the summer of 1899, Syzran, 1900.

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