KTSOYAN Artsrun Sarkisovich

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KTSOYAN Artsrun Sarkisovich (1907 — 1978) — the Soviet historian of medicine, the doctor of medical sciences (1965), professor (1966). The member of the CPSU since 1943.

KTsOYaN Artsrun Sarkisovich

In 1935 ended Yerevan medical in-t, then the manager worked. tropical station. Since 1939 the graduate student of department of tropical diseases Yerevan medical in-that. In 1940 — 1946 was on service in AF of the USSR. Since 1940 the research associate of the sector of history of the Armenian medicine of Academy of Sciences of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic. Since 1952 the associate professor, and since 1964 the department chair of social hygiene and the organization of health care Yerevan medical in-that.

A.S. Ktsoyan published St. 90 scientific works, including 2 monographs devoted to questions of history of medicine in Armenia, identifications of the historical premises which caused development of medicine in Armenia during an era of blossoming of the feudal relations. A.S. Ktsoyan found, investigated and published (1962) with comments work of the unknown of the Armenian doctor of the 13th century Grigoris «The analysis of human nature and his illnesses» until recently. In 1968 he published the monograph «Medicine in Armenia in the XI—XIV Centuries» and the monograph «Mkhitar Geratsi» about the Armenian doctor of the 12th century M. Geratsi, edges then was published in the Russian, English and Arab languages. Under its management 10 theses are prepared.

A.S. Ktsoyan was board member Vsesoyuznogo scientific about-va historians of medicine, the chairman Nauchnogo about-va historians of medicine of Armenia, the editor of a redotdel «History of medicine» of BME.

It is awarded by awards of Patriotic war of the II degree (two), Red Stars and medals.

Works: Medicine in Armenia in 11 — 14 centuries, a yew., t. 1 — 2, Yerevan, 1965; Medicine in Armenia in 11 — 14 centuries, Yerevan, 1968 (on an automated workplace. language); Medicine in Armenia in 10 — 13 centuries, Comp. rend. 22. congr. Int. hist, med., p. 405, Bucarest — Constantza, 1970; The development of clinical medicine in Armenia in the eleventh to thirteenth centuries, Proc. 23. Int. congr. hist, med., v. 2, p. 1042, 1974.

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