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KSANTELAZMA CENTURY (xanthelasma palpebrarum; grech, xanthos golden-yellow + elasma a plate) — the high-quality education having an appearance flat, several towering spots of citreous color which are found quite often, hl. obr. at elderly women. These spots are symmetrized usually on skin at an internal corner of upper eyelids. Represent focal accumulation of holesterinester and are caused by disturbance of lipidic exchange. Are observed at a cholesterinemia, is more rare at diabetes, jaundice. Grow slowly.

Treatment of a basic disease, use of the drugs reducing the content of cholesterol of blood (linaetholum, Diosponinum, etc.), and a diet with an exception of the products containing significant amounts of cholesterol (egg yolks, brains etc.) is necessary. Surgical treatment by excision, electrothermic coagulations or a cryolysis is carried out with the cosmetic purpose.

See also Xanthoma .