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KRYUVELE-BAUMGARTENA SYNDROME ( J. Cruveilhier , fr. pathologist, 1791 — 1874; R. S. Baumgarten , it is mute. the pathologist, 1848 — 1928) — not fusion of an umbilical vein which is followed by a hepatatrophia without morphological features of cirrhosis and increase in a spleen. Meets seldom.

Zh. Kryuvelye in 1852 by the Item Baumgarten in 1907 is for the first time described described the similar syndrome complicated by massive gastric bleeding against the background of a hepatatrophia and moderately expressed splenomegaly. The hepatatrophia contacted an inborn hypoplasia of a portal vein. To. — The B. page can develop at cirrhosis, an endophlebitis of hepatic veins.

It is clinically characterized by development of collaterals in a navel and noise over expanded collaterals which is not connected with cardiac sounds and amplifies at a deep breath. The meteorism, jaundice, gastric bleedings are in rare instances observed. At To. — B. pages, developing at cirrhosis, prevail displays of a disease of a liver.

The diagnosis is confirmed at an angiographic research of an umbilical vein (see. Catheterization of umbilical vessels ). Treatment — by the principles of therapy of the disease which is followed To. — B. page.

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