KRYSHOVA Nina Aleksandrovna

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KRYSHOVA Nina Aleksandrovna (1895 — 1971) — the Soviet neurophysiologist and the neuropathologist, the doctor a medical spider (1935), professor (1946), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1965). Member of the CPSU.

KRYSHOVA Nina Aleksandrovna

After the termination in 1919 medical f-that Moscow un-that was left the intern in clinic of nervous diseases, then served as the doctor in Red Army. Since 1921 worked in a number of clinics of Moscow under the leadership of G. I. Rossolimo, S. N. Davidenkov. Since 1932 worked in clinic of nervous diseases under the leadership of I. P. Pavlov. Since 1938 the manager. department of neurosises, the research supervisor of laboratory of neurogenetics of the person and since 1952 the manager. sector of Institute of physiology of I. P. Pavlov of Academy of Sciences of the USSR. During 1939 — 1943 the consultant of a number of hospitals.

N. A. Kryshova published 140 works which are generally devoted to questions of neurophysiology, neurogenetics and neuropathology. In 1935 defended the doctoral dissertation on a subject about a tendinous areflexia and its reasons. She developed original techniques for definition of a condition of the basic nervous processes of century of N of. Its researches on neurogenetics, including with use «a twin method» are known, to neuroinfections, and also works on traumatic defeats and functional diseases of a nervous system, speech disturbances and some other topical issues of clinical neuropathology. A part of works of N. A. Kryshova is devoted to histologic researches of diseases of a nervous system and a pharmacodynamics of new medicines. More than 30 years it worked in the field of children's neuropathology, having paid special attention to fight against children's poliomyelitis.

Under the leadership of N. A. Kryshova 25 doctoral and master's theses are executed. Many years it worked as the chief neuropathologist of Leningrad, was a member of Presidium of board All-Union and the honorary member of the Estonian and Leningrad societies of neuropathologists and psychiatrists, the member of the international association on fight against muscular dystrophies, «Neurology» in 2 prod. was an editor of an edition of department. BME.

It is awarded by the Order of Lenin and medals.

Works: To genetics of a narcolepsy, in book: Probl, psikhiat, and psikhopatol., under the editorship of S. N. Davidenkov, page 474, M., 1935; To a syndrome of Varoliyev Bridge, in book: The general and wedge, nevropatol., under the editorship of I. P. Pavlov, page 227, L. — M, 1936; The Family case of a myatonia of Oppengeym, in book: Nevrol, and genetics, under the editorship of S. N. Davidenkov, t. 2, page 29, M., 1936; Treatment of myopathies of children's age, Vopr, pediat, and okhr. mat. also it is put., t. 28, century 3, page 22, 1950; The Kliniko-fiziologichesky research of patients with aphasia, Zhurn, a neuropath, and psikhiat., t. 54, century 12, page 979, 1954 (sovm, with other); The Comparative characteristic of speech activity of twins, M., 1964 (sovm, with Shteyngart K. M.).

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R. A. Tkachyov.