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KRYNITSA (Krynica) — the largest balneological resort in the Party of Russian Taxpayers. It is located in 100 km to Yu.-V. from Krakow at the height of 560 — 600 m above sea-level in the wide picturesque valley of river of Krynichanki on slopes of the Sondetsky mountains covered with a softwood forest.

Case of sanatorium

To lay down. means: 9 carbonic mineral sources of two types — hydrocarbonate 0,8 — 3,6 g/l, calcic with a mineralization, and hydrocarbonate sodium with higher mineralization (19,7 — 24,2 g/l), with small contents silicon to - you (0,039 — 0,059 g/l).

Formula of chemical composition of water of some sources:

A source Carola —

Source Zuber 1 —

Water of sources is applied to bathtubs, drinking treatment and inhalations. Pouring of water in bottles is made. In the resort there are exits of carbon dioxide gas which in special pavilions is used for «dry bathtubs». Apply also torfolecheny. In a park zone the terrainkur is equipped. In the resort two bathing buildings, the well-planned pool with the beach, sanatoria, rest houses, hotels. In the resort the branch of the Krakow medical academy with clinic functions.

Indications: diseases of the blood circulatory system, went. - kish. path, metabolism, gynecologic and urinary tract.

V. V. Poltoranov.