KRYLOV Vladimir Platonovich

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KRYLOV Vladimir Platonovich (1841 — 1906) — the Russian pathologist, the doctor of medicine (1870), professor (1873).

KRYLOV Vladimir Platonovich

Having ended in 1868. Medicochirurgical academy, two years worked at department patol, anatomy for M. M. Rudnev. In 1870 protected dokt, the thesis on a subject about researches of pathoanatomical changes of lungs at syphilitics. Since 1871 the prosector Warsaw un-that on department of forensic medicine; at the same time taught private pathology and therapy. In 1873 — 1899 the prof. of department patol, anatomy Kharkiv un-that. In 1879 he participated in elimination of epidemic vt l of yansky plague.

In the scientific works V. P. Krylov as one of the first in Russia developed the doctrine about anthropometry and types of teloslozheniye.

Work on history of a trichinosis in Russia is of also interest it.

V. P. Krylov in Kharkiv un-those introduced a practical training on patol for the first time, histology, organized systematic opening of corpses, implemented the kliniko-anatomic direction in prosection activity.

Under the leadership of V. P. Krylov unique instructive work — «The school chronicle» — a statement of 506 student's papers with development of section material and their careful analysis was published. V. P. Krylov is also known as the publisher-translator of textbooks on patol. anatomy.

It created school of domestic pathomorphologists, to a cut B belong. K. High-HIV, K. F. Elenevsky, A. I. Moiseyev, I. F. Pozharisky, C. L. Ehrlich, etc.

V. P. Krylov took active part in activity Kharkiv medical about-va.

Works: Research about pathoanatomical changes of lungs at syphilitics, a yew., SPb., 1870; Sclerosis partialis multilocularis cerebri et medulli spinalis, Zhurn. for norms, and a stalemate. gistol., t. 8, September-October, page 321, 1874; History of a trichinosis in Russia, Mosk. gas., No. 16, page 482, No. 17, page 520, No. 18, page 561, 1876; Strangulation or self-strangulation, Doctor, t. 1, No. 10, page 163, No. 11, page - 179, 1880; Obligatory pathoanatomical researches of medical students of Imperial Kharkiv university, School chronicle, t. 1 — 6, Kharkiv, 1891 — 1895.

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G. L. Dearman.