KROTKOV Fedor Grigoryevich

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KROTKOV Fedor Grigoryevich (sort. in 1896) — the Soviet hygienist, one of founders of a military and physics health in the USSR, the academician of AMH (1944), Hera of Socialist Work (1966), the major general of medical service. The member of the CPSU since 1919. Participant of World War I.

KROTKOV Fedor Grigoryevich

After the February revolution it was elected the member of regimental committee. In 1918 in Spassk directed public health department of district executive committee. In the years of civil war the commissioner of army and front military-medical institutions (1919 — 1922). Ended VMA in 1926 and it was left at department of the general and military hygiene directed by G. V. Hlopin; since 1931 the head of department of military hygiene of VMA. Since 1937 the prof. of department of military hygiene and epidemiology of TsIU, and in 1947 — 1957 the head of department of a military and physics health of the military f-that the same in-that. Since 1957 the head of the department of a physics health organized by it for the first time in the USSR.

In 1935 — 1947 F. G. Krotkov held a number of senior positions in Red Army and M3 of the USSR: Ying-that an air medicine (1935 — 1937), Ying-that food of Red Army (1944 — 1946), the deputy minister of health care of the USSR was the chief (1946 — 1947). In 1953 — 1957 vice-president of AMN.

In the period of the Great Patriotic War of 1941 — 1945 he headed a gigabyte. service in Red Army (1941 — 1944).

F. G. Krotkov published St. 130 scientific works, including 20 monographs. It possesses the fundamental «Guide to military hygiene» (the 1933, 2 prod. 1939) — the first Soviet work in this area transferred to many foreign languages. Experience gigabyte. providing troops in the past war it was generalized by F. G. Krotkov in the 33rd volume «Experience of the Soviet medicine in the Great Patriotic War (1941 — 1945) ». Many managements and manuals are written to them.

For the first time in the USSR F. G. Krotkov experimentally studied a number of questions, concerning a gigabyte. providing special types of military forces, also published a series of works on questions of hygiene of armored troops, hygiene of placement, hygiene of field water supply, food, etc. It published also a number of works on questions of a physics health and radiation protection. F. G. Krotkov created the school of hygienists, under his management the St. 40 theses, including 17 doctor's are prepared.

F. G. Krotkov consists the chairman Vsesoyuznogo scientific about-va hygienists (since 1957), the member of the committee of WHO experts on radiation protection (since 1962), the associate editor of the Hygiene and Sanitation magazine. He was an editor of an edition of department «Hygiene» in 2 prod. BME is also an editor-in-chief of the section «Hygiene» of the 3rd prod. BME.

It is awarded by awards: Lenina (three), October Revolutions, Red Banner (two), Patriotic wars of the I degree, Red Star, «Sign of Honour» and medals.

Soch: Military and sanitary reference book, M., 1932 (bus of a number of hl. and an edition sovm, with other); The Guide to military hygiene, M. — L., 1933, 1939; Military hygiene, L. — M, 1936 (sovm, with Galanin N. F.); Saving of forces on a campaign, M., 1952; Organization of hygienic providing troops, Experience of owls. medical 1941 — 1945 in the Great Patriotic War, t. 33, page 13, M., 1955; Military hygiene, M., 1959; Person and radiation, M., 1968.

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