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KROSTI-DZHANOTTI DISEASE (A. Crosti, modern ital. dermatologist; F. Gianotti, modern ital. dermatologist; synonym: eruptive dermatitis of extremities at children, an acrodermatitis papular children, eruptive papular akrodermatoz, erythematous and papular akrodermatoz children, a lichenoid acrodermatitis of children) — ostrorazvivayushcheesya the disease which is characterized by a pyatnistouzelkovy enanthesis of extremities, a lymphadenopathy and is frequent damage of a liver. Dzhanotti in 1955 is described, and in 1957 Mr. Krosti and Dzhanotti gave more complete description of a disease.

Etiology it is not established. Toksiko-allergic genesis is supposed, some authors consider a disease a high-quality form of a reticulosis of skin.

Patogistologiya: acanthosis (see); in a derma limfogistiomonotsitarny infiltrate, the phenomena of a capillaritis (see. Vasculitis ).

A clinical picture

children up to 10 — 15 years Are ill preferential. It is characterized by flat or semi-spherical small knots symmetric to a reddish pasty consistence to dia, to 5 mm, located perifollikulyarno, it is frequent on an erythematic background (skin of extremities, preferential extensor surfaces, on a face). Rashes are accompanied by a lymphadenopathy. At a part of patients anicteric hepatitis, a splenomegaly is noted, are possible subfebrile fervescence, an adynamy, disturbances of activity went. - kish. a path, change from blood (a leukocytosis with a monocytosis and an eosinophilia).

Diagnosis put on a basis a wedge, and gistol, data. Differentiate with toxidermias (see), rubella (see), Letterer's disease — Siwa (see. to Letterera-Siwa disease ), inf. a mononucleosis (see. Mononucleosis infectious ), by red flat it is deprived (see. Deprive red flat ).

Treatment it is necessary in cases of damage of a liver; appoint polyneuramins 6 , In 12 , methionine.

Forecast. The disease lasts 2 — 8 weeks then usually passes often independently.

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