KRONTOVSKY Alexey Antoninovich

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KRONTOVSKY Alexey Antoninovich (1885 — 1933) — the Soviet pathophysiologist, the doctor of medicine (1917), professor (1921).

KRONTOVSKY Alexey Antoninovich

In 1911 ended medical f-t Kiev un-that. Since 1921 the prof. of department of bacteriology Kiev un-that, and since 1923 the prof. of department of the general pathology of the same un-that. In 1924 passed to work in Kiev bacteriological in-t and Kiev x-ray in in-t where organized departments of experimental pathology and biology. A. A. Krontovsky published apprx. 80 scientific works, including 5 monographs devoted to questions of experimental oncology, an angenesis, culture of fabrics and their metabolism, incretion, heredity and the constitution, influence of x-ray emission, bacteria and viruses on cultures of fabrics. A. A. Krontovsky and his pupils (N. V. Lazarev, M. A. Magat, etc.) used cultures of normal and tumoral fabrics for studying of their metabolism by means of biochemical, and physical. - chemical methods. A. A. Krontovsky showed that the metabolism in normal fabrics in the conditions of deprivation of the regulating influences from an organism gains some lines which are pulling together it with a metabolism in the corresponding malignant fabrics. In 1928 he offered a method of studying of a metabolism of malignant tumors by creation in an organism of an animal of the «isolated» tumor. For this purpose he entered malignant cells into tissue of a kidney of a rat, put on a rubber indusium a kidney and tied up a facet seam a vascular bundle, keeping blood circulation in a kidney. As a result the tumor isolated from surrounding fabrics expanded.

A. A. Krontovsky was a member International about-va cytologists, and since 1925 one of the Archiv f editors. experimentalle Zellforschung, besonders Gewebszuchtung (Explantation), Jena.

Works: Materials to comparative and experimental pathology of tumors, Kiev, 1916; The Method of fabric cultures, Kiev, 1917 (sovm, with Field L. I.); The modern doctrine about a sapropyra, in book: Odessk. Saturday. on a sapropyra, under the editorship of D. K. Zabolotny and V. V. Voronin, century 1, page 1, 1920; Heredity and constitution, Kiev, 1925; The New method of studying of incretion by means of explantation, the Doctor, business, No. 1, page 33, 1927; The Method of isolation of tumors in an organism and out of an organism, Vopr, onkol., t. 1, No. 3, page 188, 1928.

Bibliography: Vylegzhanin N. P., A. A. Krontovsky (1 885 — 1933), Stalemate. fiziol, and Eksperim, rubbed., t. 1, No. 5, page 74, 1957; L and z a p e in N. V. Aleksei Antoni-novich Crontovscy as the scientist and the person, in book: Materials on probl. uses of pirimidinovy and purine derivatives in onkol, etc. the Region medical, under the editorship of N. V. Lazarev, page 58, L., 1966.

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